[Visiting] BouxAvenue (#denocteontour)


Ever since the BouxAvenue Onlineshop launched a couple of years ago I was eagerly following this brand. It's founded by former owner of La Senza Theo Paphitis and strives to be a new high-street lingerie brand with a bit of boutique and boudoir flair - and YES, they did it.


I ordered online a couple of times but that was always a bit of a hassle, since back then ordering to non-UK countries was not possible via the website, only per mail-order. But the support was always very nice and so I didn't have to wait long for my first BouxAvenue bras! And I have to say I really like them. They have got designs I really really like and a lot of bras that work well for me.

But this time I finally had the chance to visit a brick and mortar store in London. The London BouxAvenue store is located in the Westfield Shopping Mall at Shepherd's Bush. Luckily enough I got the tip that the store is somewhere near the Topshop store on the first floor - I think it would've taken ages if I had to search for it! The Mall is just insanely big.

The store is really big and very tidy, you have got the bras on display at the wall and all tidy and nice the different sizes in little drawers below, so you can search for your size yourself if you wish.


Next to pretty basics and sports bras...


... There are also a lot of sparkly things (I LOVE SPARKLY STUFF)... (btw in the back of that picture you see that they do have different shades of skincoloured bras. Yay!) ....


... and colourful and fashion-y bra sets. I bought two of the sets seen in the next picture...


(Hint: it's the pink-black Marlena and the leoprint Marlena Bodysuit ;) )

I actually visited the store twice. Due to some utter luck and faith I managed to get tickets to the Nine Inch Nails Show in London on 20th August, so only two weeks after my London trip I went back there for two days - and stayed right next to the Westfield Mall. WHAT A PITY.

Both times I went there the sales staff was amazingly friendly. They offered help bit didn't intrude, helped me find certain styles and were friendly and genuinely nice and helpful. They asked me whether I've been to the shop before and when I said that I only ordered online they showed me to the fitting room and explained where I could change the light or call for help. That's really nice. Yes, I could read the buttons myself, but it's got a nice touch.

They offer bras in sizes 30-40H, and a lot of the bras are available as a A-D or DD+ Version. Not every bra is available in DD+ though and only a couple of DD+ bras go up to H, most go to GG. So they are offering a wide range of sizes in really cute styles!

And if there's no empty changing room available you can take a seat in the cute waiting area in front of the rooms, men and boys tagging along are welcome to sit and wait there too.

But another thing I just LOVE buying at BouxAvenue are knickers. They do offer a lot of knicker packs, often buy 3 pay 2 or similar sale offers.


I mean, it's got tiny APPLES on them! had to have it. You find really cutesy knickers next to sexy one, plain lace ones next to cotton ones, boyshort style and tangas - a really wide selection. And the 3 for 2 offer is a mix and match! So I bought a very weird selection of knickers. BUT I LOVE THEM. "Juicy bum" has got a whole new meaning when you're wearing red apple knickers.

And they have got very cutesy cute cotton PJs, I imagine they would make a great gift for a good friend, sister, mum, whatever!


Well, since this is a rather long picture flood I'll call it a day for now and show you what I bought and other choices for smaller busts at BouxAvenue another time!

(Thank you to BouxAvenue for letting me take pictures! It's highly appreciated.)

xoxo denocte

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