[Review] Playful Promises Sammy Set


This is one of my harder reviews to write. Little story time! I got the Sammy set, graciously provided by Playful Promises, plus more stuff I bought (Jessica Bodysuit and Anna Sequin cape), in August. Right. The August that's almost half a year ago now. I took pics of this set in Autumn. I've never written the review until now. Reasons for this are two main factors:

A) I work too much. Really, truly, too much. I'm happy if I find enough time for something like a private life, for cuddling with cats, my partners, pole dance. Not so much time for really sitting down and working on a blog post for a couple of hours. (Yes, that's how long a blog post takes me.)
B) The Sammy set is truly truly perfect. And I just don't really find any words other than PLS LOOK IT'S GORGEOUS LOOK HOW GREAT MY BOOBS LOOK which might not be very professional. But, on the other hand, when exactly did I try to fool anyone of being a serious blogger? (If you are still under this impression I can only suggest you follow my instagram @kurvendiskussionen where I show how super professional I am. Also there are cats. Because life without cats doesn't have any meaning.

Long story short: I suck at being a blogger at the moment. And this is also the reason why this post is English only.

Transparency note: I got the Sammy set sent to me by Playful Promises free of charge. All views are my own. I also bought the Jessica bling bling bling bodysuit and the Anna Sequin cape which are AWESOME and if you like bling they are perfect.

OK, rambling. Let's talk about Playful Promises

Playful Promises are killing it this year. Their tag, "Playful Promises is a London designed lingerie brand, which mixes quirky, directional design with all things playful, flirty and even a little bit dirty." already says a lot about their aesthetics, but not so much about their drive: This is a brand with awesome women in charge. Creepy men in their facebook comments will be dragged. There are videos on feminism on their walls. These are people actively trying to make the lingerie world a bit more inclusive, one bum at a time. Which shows, for example, in their sizing politics:

They are one of the very very few indies who offer a gazillion sizes:

  • core sizes, XS-XL, 30A-36D
  • full bust sizes, 28-36 DD-G
  • curve sizes, UK 18-24, bra sizes 38-42 B-G

+and also have items they offer in all three of these ranges (I just counted the bra sizes they offer for the Karine bra: 51. FIFTYONE. That is HUGE.), but they also have two mini brands worth noticing:

They also launched the now already well established Peek and Beau (sizes 32A-36DD, UK 8-16)
and the newly launched Bettie Page Lingerie (sizes UK8 –18, and bra sizes 32-34 A-DD and 36-38 B-DD)

The first drop of AW2016 featured gems such as the Sammy Set I'm reviewing today (core sizes only), but there's also more AW16 stuff like the glorious Karine Lace Set - which is available in core, full bust and curve sizes! So, lovers, take note - this is a set that might very well be available in your partner's size. And we all know that christmas is just around the corner! And spring summer 17 is also starting to appear online, so be prepared for MASSIVE style crushes.

Karine curve.jpg



Sammy - Black Halter Crochet Bra

The bra is available in 32A-36D (some sizes already sold out on the Playful Promises Shop Page but might be available at other vendours such as Hepburn and Leigh or Kiss Me Deadly)

I opted for the bra in size 34A which ended up being a good fit. The wires are fine concerning wire width, there is a bit too much room for boobs in the bra top (because I need much wider wires and at the same time shallower cups than most brands use because my body is... weird? special? I'll opt for special.) But that is nitpicking at a veeery high level because the fit is great! The halterneck features a super cute bow in the neck that you can't see in most product pics, it adds a special touch in my opinion.

The lace placement on the boobs is perfect in my opinion. In my case it perfectly covers my nipples except if I'm doing sporty stuff (which of course I did in one of the pics and my boyfriend didn't notice when he took the pics lol) in which case the top is a bit loose (because I would need a 32A top with the wires of a 34B which doesn't exist). If you don't have special boobs like me you will most likely not have that "problem".

The mesh feels soft and non-scratchy on your skin and the satin fabric lies nice and flat. There is nothing I can say about either the construction of the optics of this bra that would be remotely not-good. This really is my season favourite.


Sammy - Black Crochet Brief

The brief comes in XS-XL (only L and XL available at the Playful Promises Shop, look at Asos for the other sizes! )

Although I am really not a high waist person when it comes to picking out undies for myself I love this one. I ordered it in size L (widest part of my hips is 99cm). When I first tried the knickers on I was a bit sad because the knickers were too big and I contemplated sending them back and exchanging them for a smaller size. In the end I opted for keeping them BECAUSE I am super sensitive in my tummy area when on my period and so I usually end up wearing boring loose fitting knickers these days of the month. So now I have gorgeous sexy knickers that don't cut into my tummy and I can feel sexy as hell every day of the week ;) This also explains why the knickers don't show the perfect flat smooth fabric in my worn pics.

When you are ordering these knickers for everyday wear I would suggest ordering a size down!


The back view is super cute. The satin strap around the waist looks awesome peeking up underneath a blouse. I think it looks a bit like a lingerie belt! The mesh back is just gorgeous and definitely makes your bum look the best ever. Black mesh over naked skin, it just doesn't get a lot better than that.


Jessica Bodysuit

I chose the size M for me in this one because S would be too tight on the Bum, L too big on the top. M works really well! The bust part is underlayed with non-seethrough fabric whilst the rest of the bodysuit is sheer. Yes, that also means the knickers part ;) It's an incredibly versatile piece, you can both wear it at home for a sexy night in or pair it with a nice skirt or jeans and wear it as outerwear!

The bling means this really is an item you have to take care of. Wash and dry it carefully. This bodysuit also comes with a few spare blings so if you do lose one you can easily fix it with a few stitches!


The bum is sheer in this item too and I love it <3


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