[Review] ParaNoire Design "Leo Leo Lace"

Disclosure: I got this custom bra set as a gift during my stay with Eva.

Leo Leo Lace Kitty
Leo Leo Lace Kitty

A month ago I spent a long weekend at ParaNoire Design Headquarters and today I'll review the set she made for me during my stay!
I bought the leo stretch lace a while ago and already made some small accessories for myself but I thought it would be the perfect fabric for a nice supercute underwear set, so I brought it with me on our #bracation. Together we decided what patterns to use and then Evi made a bralet and knicker set for me, adding some of her flower lace and a lace application. This set might even make it to the ParaNoire shop in a limited edition, because I gifted the remaining leo fabric to Eva - for Panty Science!

We also had a lot of fun taking some pics of the set - I'm wearing stockings that are about 80 years old, I really have to show them to you one time because I love how well they are made. Also the bright pink cat ears are one of my latest goth cutesie additions to my wardrobe, I bought them in a goth store in Helsinki which is basically a dream come true for goths tbh.

The bralet is based on the SYL pattern that's already available in some beautiful soft cotton jersey combinations in the ParaNoire shop. These knickers are a bit cheekier version of the SIRAN knickers. Because my butt is just too fabulous ;)

Leo Leo Lace
Leo Leo Lace by

Bralet SYL

You choose your ParaNoire items after your measurements, not dress size. We picked the size 70/79cm because I already own some of her bralets in that size that are a good fit. Maybe I'll take the next one in 70/81cm because I'd like to try and have a bit more coverage and my current bust circumference is about 81,5cm - my boobs have a life of their own, y'all...

The SYL bralets are made from stretchy fabric and meant to be just pulled over your head. This means you of course won't have the same support as in a bra, but well, if you buy a bralet I guess you already are ok with that ;)

Leo Leo Lace Kitty
Leo Leo Lace Kitty

The soft stretchlace is one of my favourite things to wear on my skin (which might be why I brought it with me. I'm a genius right ;) ) and in this style we paired it with soft pink elastic for the straps (fully adjustable) and edges. The lace is put on top of the stretch lace so even if you have the lace part in the front of the bralet you still have the soft leo lace on your skin. To finish it off there's a flower tassle in the middle of the bralet as a little extra cute cherry on the top!

Leo Leo Lace Kitty
Leo Leo Lace Kitty

Knickers SIRAN (cheeky)

These are my first SIRAN knickers, or to be exact SIRAN"cheeky" knickers. I wear a lot of lace knickers since half my knickers drawer consists of lace knickers by - sadly now out of business - Who Made Your Pants?. So I'm used to having no elastics, no VPL, nothing that can tuck into my tummy or bum. This said I am very happy with the comfort that SIRAN provides. We chose size 98cm for my lovely 97cm butt. My butt is very happy in these! The elastic is really not tight at all so even for my sensitive tummy skin I like these panties a lot. The back is cheekier than I'm used to in regular panties - I usually either wear hotpants or brazilian cuts - and it took me a while to get used to seeing my butt in them^^ But I like them. We used the same lace as in the bralet as a layover on the front of the knickers, and put another one of the supercute flowery tassel thingies in the middle. The back of the knickers is sheer because we really love sheer knickers.


Eva found some of her lace applications in bright pink that was exact the right shade to place on the back of the knickers. She also uses similar ones on some of her LIZZIE hipster knickers and also on the knickers available at Brafinette in Berlin.

So, the googly eyes weren't really part of the design but they just fit soooo well it looked so funny so up to now I still haven't taken them off. I'm only handwashing these items atm and so far the eyes haven't come off - I love to be silly sometimes <3

Googly Cat
Googly Cat

All in all this is my perfect pink dream come true. The inofficial name of this set is Leo Leo Lace in Hot Hot Pink - the day Eva made this set we first dyed my hair and the colour is called "hot hot pink" ;)

This is only the first blog post of our #bracation - I will write more about my stay there and I plan on doing at least one more post where we go behind the scenes and check out how the gorgeous ParaNoire pretties are made!

I hope you like this set as much as I do, it's the first time I had a set custom made and I think I might have a new favourite set now. Pink. Leo, Lace. Yes. That's me.

And here's another outtake: Kitty cuddling Eva's Dog ;)

cats and dogs
cats and dogs

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