[Review] Nudwear: Do she got a booty? She doooo (and boobs too.)

A while ago the company Nudwear contacted me asking whether I'd be interested in reviewing one of their new strapless, backless and seamless bras. After checking out the website I decided that I HAVE to try this - a stick on bra? Does that really work? I mean... does it??

TLDR: for certain sizes and events I'm pretty sure this one does :D


hint: the nipples are photoshopped out in this pic. The real product is clear and seethrough!


As I wrote in the mail to the PR person: "To be honest, I am a bit sceptical whether the sizing really works - doesn't a 32A cup girl need a whole different bra than a 38A cup girl? It is a different breast volume after all?".

As stated on the website in their size guide they use the well-hated overthebustunderthearmpitswhatever measuring method. I think it's safe to say that I don't see any sense in this measuring system. On the other hand in their FAQs they refer to a +5inch method.

Basically you only have to know your bra size (and I'd recommend finding out your bra size with help from a well trained bra fitter or maybe use an online calculator as a starting point. My 2 cents on bra sizing can be found here)

They say you only need your cupsize to determine which size in your nudewear stick on bra "Nüd bra" you need: AA-A choose size A, B - B, C - C, D - D. 

After sending my bra sizes (I stated I wear 30C mostly) I was recommended a size C. Weeeell, the idea that ME would wear the second biggest size available sounded a BIT weird to me - but well. Let's give it a try!

Looks like this when worn:




How to wear

The bra was sent in a case you can store it in later, and came in a pretty pink sachet. I like stuff like that. Pretty underwear in pretty packaging. I approve. It's made from a silicone gel and feels a bit like the pads you can insert in your high heels to stop slipping in the shoes ;)

How do you wear the bra? I followed this description and it's pretty easy. Maybe use a mirror to place them symmetrically but well, just stick'em on ;)

- Wash your skin with mild soap and water.

- Make sure the area is dry and free from moisturisers, this is important to preserve the stick-on quality and achieve the maximum effect.

- In front of the mirror, position the cup to your desired breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to your breast. Repeat the same application on your other breast. Make sure both sides are equal in height.

- Connect the front clasp on the bra to pull the individual sides together. For maximum cleavage, place the cups as far apart on your breasts as possible in a lifting position and secure the clasp.


The pads are really easy to wash, just rinse them with water. I'm amazed that they really don't loose their power after washing.

So, would I recommend the bra?

For testing purposes I wore the bra some afternoons when at home and doing some shopping and even a light workout. AND.IT.STAYED.PUT. I can't really believe it. The pads didn't flinch. They stayed exactly how I put them on.

Since you can choose the amount of cleavage you want from choosing where you place the pads the adhesive bra will fit a lot of different bust shapes. I really like the idea of the simple clip in the middle.You have so many choices how to place it!

just put the pads on...


...and close the front closure for cleavage of your choice.

I can recommend this stick on solution wholeheartedly IF you have small to middle large breasts that don't sag a lot. The pads are pretty heavy and if placed on sagging tissue I fear it will look droopy. Since you don't have an underbust band you won't get any support from other than your boobs - so I recommend them for boobs that are a bit self supportive.
It will certainly not be the bra to do sports in - but that's not what it was made for. It IS the solution to have a nice shape under that lowcut evening dress you want to wear but for some reason don't want/don't feel comfortable to go braless. (Personally I'm all for going braless but I see that this isn't everyone's cup of tea)
As for choosing a size: since the pads don't have to cover a lot of your bust you are a bit free to choose. As you can see on the pictures the Nüdbra in C is not exactly very big - maybe just use the pic as a reference. If you are around 28D-DD-30C-D 32B-C I'd recommend the B or C as a starting point!

Be warned: It's NOT sexy when you don't wear that pretty little dress/shirt over it ;) It does look pretty weird because the silicone is seethrough - you basically see squeezed nipples under some layers of gel. Not my definition of sexy ;)

Shape enhancer knickers

When I mentioned that I never knew that push-up knickers even existed, they kindly offered to send me a sample too.
I usually wear UK 10-12 and they recommended trying a large since the knickers run a bit tight which was a good idea.


Well, at first I was a bit weirded out. The knickers are, well, very butt shaped. Bum cleavage.Thick and padded.

My cat fell in love with them instantly (srsly, try being a blogger with a cat. fellow bloggers will know what I mean...)

"do she got a booty? she doooooo."

The padding is very firm but not hard. It fit my bum pretty well although I'm kinda the last person ever to need a butt enhancer because I'm, well, let's say "well-endowed" in that region^^

The front part of the knickers is made from very smooth fabric with tiny holes in it, and for a beige shapewear thing it does look pretty nice when worn.

Personally I would not wear this, but I can totally see it as a figure enhancer under a nice dress. Some people want to promote ;) their breasts, others want to have a nicely shaped bum knicker. Why not? It is a lot more comfortable than I imagined. You don't feel the pads after putting the knickers on. I like the slightly enhanced upper part of the front of the knickers, it's supportive and feels nice on your tummy without cutting in. I like.


In these pictures I'm wearing both the pair of knickers and the Nüd Bra. I choose this dress cause it's IMPOSSIBLE to find a bra that is invisible under it and because it's a bit tight around the bum area. *ahem*



So - what's your opinion on stick on bras? Inclined to try them? And butt shapers - yay or nay?

xoxo denocte

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