[Review] Lost in Wonderland - Pink Hibiscus

Since I first heard from Lost in Wonderland I was genuinely crazy about that brand. The design, the models chosen, the pictures - it all is so en par with my interests.

Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus

Although I'm always trying to catch up with what's up with Lost in Wonderland and Designer Scarlett, I didn't actually own or try on any of her stuff - but that changed now!

Some weeks ago I was able to buy some knickers and a bra from last season for a discounted price, and since I just can't afford buying her lingerie at full price (although I LOVE it) I took my chance and bought the Pink Hibiscus Set.

Scarlett herself helped me choose which size and bra would work best for my shape (wide wires, shallow breasts) and we went for size M in the knickers and 32C in the softcup unpadded bra.

I already wore it for my final exam and I guess it brought me luck cause I'm officially done with college now ;)

Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus

About the bra

The bra retails at 104,95€ but is currently on SALE (as well as a lot of her other stuff to make room for new collections) for 50€. Yes. that's more than 50%.
It comes in sizes: 70 A-D, 75 A-C, 80 A-B, 85 A
There's also a padded version that's not as shallow I've been told :)

It's such a delight to look at just from a technical point of view! Everything is so perfectly made, the seams are perfect, the mesh is perfect, the fabrics go so well together - this is fashion, and art. It's art you can wear.

The wires are wider than I usually expect in a 32C bra which is PERFECT since I need wide wires ;) and the cups are shallow enough without any gaping, cutting into my breast tissue or other nonsense I often get.

soft pink hibiscus bra 
Our soft bras are build on a non-elastic, slightly transparent basic fabric to give the breast the most natural feel while still lifting it up.
Soft translucent mesh is partly layered with plissé and gives a sensual structure.

That's the truth. It's so light on my skin I barely feel it, but it still provides the light support I like and need. Due to the cup style with two vertical seams the cup is perfect on my shallow breasts, and the black mesh is the optical highlight that really sets it apart.

The fabric is slightly sheer without really giving everything away, you can just sense the skin behind it. The plain black straps contrast nicely with the bright pink bra. Bonus: If you don't want to give away that you are wearing AWESOME PINK LINGERIE you can easily wear this one with a black strappy top, because people will only see the black straps of this awesome bra ;)

Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus

I can highly recommend this bra for people who want a luxurious bra without silk, that feels great on your skin and provides wide wires and shallow-y cups. The design and structure is truly amazing and the craftsmanship is awesome, I especially love the detail on the center gore: I think I've never seen this before and it's really refreshing to find new stuff in lingerie!

Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus

Peek-a-boo Knickers

I don't usually post pics including the bottoms, but I just couldn't help myself since those knickers are SO AWESOME. I chose the peek-a-boo slip, and I also bought them in blue because, well, why not.

Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus

There are also three other styles of knickers for this bra available online, but I just fell in love with these naughtybutnice ones!
All knickers for this set retail at 54,95€ and are on sale for 25€ atm.
They come in sizes XS-XL

The peek-a-boo knickers have, who would've guessed! - a little peeking hole on the backside. Cheeky!

The black mesh used in the bra is having another appearance here as a layer of plissee around the knickers. Again, the pink fabric is slightly sheer.

I'm wearing the knickers in size M and since I usually like em very generous, I might size up in my next order. They fit perfectly, don't get me wrong! I just want booty freedom. Is that a word? I just really prefer my knickers sitting VERY loose around my waist.


To sum up:

Perfect bra set, unbelievably pretty, luxury to wear. I will definitely buy more of Lost in Wonderland because this bra made me a huge fangirl.

Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus

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