[Review] Fairytales by Angela Friedman


I owe you this review for over half a year. I've been a bad blogger. BUT I'm super active on social media, I recently also caved and joined instagram - come find me at @kurvendiskussionen over there! - and I am now officially a facebook person too. So, yay? As I've planned a LOT of German only posts in the near future this pic fest is English only.

Anyway, after my short and super awesome holiday in London - which deserves its own blogpost - I'm motivated to write ALL the things. So I'm starting with reviewing this darling set i bought last year from Angela Friedman's Fairytale by AF line!

Angela Friedman makes gorgeous luxurious lingerie in her studio in North Carolina (which, btw, if you sign in to her Newsletter you get 10% off on your first order. You're welcome.) and besides making her high price works of art she also launched a lower budget and super cute line - Fairytales by AF. The Fairytales line is super pastel, super frilly, super fun, super girly, super cute. The Fairytales Line is available via her website and also her etsy store.

For transparency: I bought these with my own money, yadayada.


As for the whole pastel lingerie trend as well as the pastelgoth scene I do have some problems with it. If you google it or search for it on instagram or pinterest 99% of pics you get are thin white girls, (with pastelgoth maybe throw in thin asian girls) mostly looking veeery young, with big eyes, mouth open, looking longingly in the camera. Eh. Thaaat’s not so much my thing. I personally have a big problem with it when someone presents lingerie on models/lookbooks that are made to look like children. Reasons should be understandable I guess. (For example there was an editorial a while ago by Morgan Lane which was… I’m sorry I just have to say awful and tasteless).

There’s nothing wrong with dressing for your inner child obviously, I mean, I’m the one with the Aristocats Marie PJs, I get this. But just leave me alone with your scantilly clad models looking like the only thing they have in mind is the D and that could just as well have a “highschool girl” or “barely legal” stamp on their forehead.

ok. So, that in mind I, just for the fun of it, tried to take pics in this whole pastel lingerie traditional cutesie white girl theme.

I failed because it made me super uncomfortable. Also, I’m white, but comparison to the typical pastel lingerie themes stops there. Nevertheless here’s me trying to look as doe eyed, childlike as possible and FAILING horrendously because I just don’t like it.


But this was of course not the intention of seriously getting the pics done like that. When I took these pics in March there was one day of some snowfall and of course I had to use this!

So, here’s me bringing the goth back to pastelgoth and having fun with snowflakes.



girly. pastel. sheer. pastelgoth!

The bralette and knickers (also available in high waist) are available in three colourways: light pink, turqoise and violet.

I went for turquoise because LOVE and also mermaid. 

As the description says: These items are sheer. As in really very very sheer, completely see through. I think it’s the sheerest set I own and I own quite some undies by now. 



They are amazingly comfortable. The sheer nylon reminds me of high quality stockings or vintage lingerie which has this special feeling on your skin in my opinion.

What impresses me is how soft tha bra clasp is, it feels so fluffy on my skin! The straps are thin and adjustable. All seams are super soft and non itchy or scratchy, which I think makes a big bonus for this set. 


Sizing range:

The knickers are available from XS to XL and the bralette goes from XS-L, with the XS being approximately a 30B/C, S a 32 B/C etc. I wouldn't recommend this specific set for bigger busts but I'm sure if you just contact Angela Friedman you can work something out! 

This bralet is clearly made for the smaller busted cuties amongst us, with just a minimum amount of fabric and it’s more intended to look cute as to do a lot of supporting work.



I went for a size S in the bralet and size L knickers. The original set came with high waist knickers which I just can’t stand seeing on myself, although I love them on other people! So I got a customized version with regular raise knickers instead of high waist, which is perfect for me! Funnily enough, by now these knickers are also readily available. Yay for knicker choices!
Although I wear a size M in most high street brands I definitely need the size L as recommended in the Angela Friedman sizing chart for my measurements. Be sure to check the chart before you buy, otherwise you might spoil yourself the comfort.

The cups of the bralet are maybe a tiiiny bit big on me but all in all it fits very nicely, I have a wide-ish ribcage for my size so an XS would have been too small.



Superb as always with Angela Friedman's items. Tiny, delicate stitches, neat, gorgeous. The nylon fabric is smooth and soft and such a difference to all the other fabrics I’m used to wearing when it comes to lingerie!

Which also means you have to be extra careful when it comes to long pointy nails or cat claws - as with nylon stockings there’s the possibility of pulling the fabric. So you gotta treat this set nicely and hide it from your pets! Also never ever wash it with any items that might damage it. This set really is handwash only and gently!


Do you like pastel undies? Would you go full ruffle or sheer and plain like I chose my set?

xoxo denocte