[Review] Cleo by Panache Jolie in 30C

Cleo Jolie
Cleo Jolie

When I reviewed the Cleo Maddie a while ago I already said that I would also try out some other small bust styles by Cleo by Panache.

The B and C cup styles are pretty hard to find, but I was lucky enough that my friend Anne from BH-Lounge still had a Cleo Jolie in 30C in stock!

Although Anne's BH-Lounge is a brick and mortar brafitting service, she does also ship lingerie you buy from her. Her clients are from all over Germany, so this is her way of helping them find their perfect bras even if they can't come to visit her.
If you are ever near Hannover be sure to check in at her nice lil brafitting service!

[Disclosure: I paid the bra myself but Anne gifted me the knickers.]


First, the delivery box was HUGE which was a bit weird for me: My bras are pretty tiny, and I'm used to getting them sent in some plastic bags or tiny boxes. This time it arrived in a well stuffed box, the cups had some extra paper padding so nothing could get tilted. Nice touch! My bras were never sent this well taken care of :)

She also sent some flyers from Cleo by Panache (I want everything, thank you) and Fräulein Annie, as well as a Flyer about her shop. I love it when shop owners do that. It makes unpacking so much nicer, like Christmas or birthdays ;)

Cleo Jolie
Cleo Jolie


Initially when I wrote the first draft for this post, I wanted to write that sadly, Jolie and me just aren't made for each other. The bra is gorgeous and I was contemplating trying it in a bigger size, but after talking to Anne, we decided that even a bigger size would not solve my issues. I already bought it a while ago and I can only wear it with an extender - sadly the Jolie didn't come in 32B and it's just much too tight for me. When I tried it on a couple of months ago we just did.not.work.

Compared to the Maddie, the wires of the Jolie are a bit more narrow. The cup pattern is altogether different and the edges of the cup are tilted more inwards - which was exactly why we two didn't work out in the beginning. I got very flat breasts with very high splayed breast tissue, so the cup just ended up cutting into my breast tissue.

Cleo Jolie
Cleo Jolie

Overall I get the feeling that the whole bra is smaller than it's sister Maddie, although both are from the same season and in the same size.
I think this bra would work lovely on people who don't need extra open cups, I think it would look very nice if it fits!

Now, fast forward a couple of months, my breasts shrinked even more and somehow the bra now works a lot better for me. To be an ideal fit for me I would need wider wires and a less tilted in cupedge. I still wear it with an extender only it is much too tight for me otherwise (current measurements are 75cm underbust loose, 80cm overbust).

Cleo Jolie
Cleo Jolie


Initially when I saw it on online pics I wasn't altogether thrilled with the bow stitching. But it really is cute when you see it in real life. The colour combination with the dark grey saves it from being too cutesy, so the design stays fun and cute without being too over the top.
The knickers are cute as ever, I didn't expect otherwise.
As I already showed in my Maddie review, the wire linings show the fun print. I dig it.

Do you like the stitching? And yes, I went outside today to take these pics - it was VERY windy ;)

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