Pixel Panties - Indiegogo for 8-bit Lovers

Well, did you miss me? I for sure missed blogging a lot! I've got so many things to tell you, but graduating from college apparently takes quite some time and resources ;)

Anyway, I'm always keeping an eye open for new stuff on the market and I absolutely fell in love with this new brand:

currently hosting an indiegogo to kickstart their collection: Pixel Panties!

This time it's not about bras at all, but glorious glorious knickers!

Ms Pac

As they state, it's all about comfy knickers - in an 8-bit fashion style.

"Worlds first 8 bit underwear, for people like us, who love retro games and 8 bit visuals. Made with squares, fit for round bottoms"

Check out their cute video and you'll see where they draw their inspiration from.

They are trying to raise 12500 USD and are already as I write this blog post at 78% and have 19 more days to go!

I LOVE the perks, because at only 25USD you will get one of the first Pixel Panties delivered to your home - around the world.

Final Perks

Since most of the important questions are answered in the video, I asked the two young designers Cesária and Sebastião from Lisbon, Portugal some other questions about the project:

  1. What's your favourite 8-bit video game?
    The secret of monkey island
  2. Wii -U or PS4?
  3. Luigi or Mario?
  4. What sizing range are you planning to offer?
    From small to extra large.
  5. Will you ship internationally?
    We will ship worldwide. Shipping costs are included on all pledges.
  6. Will there be manpants? pixelboxers or sth like that? :D
    Sebastião, our male designer tried them out a couple of times and it didn't look good so for now will up that idea on hold
  7. Is this your first foray in fashion?
    Yes. We are both graphic designers, and had the opportunity of working with major fashion brands, but were dying to start a product brand of ours.
  8. Will you manufacture locally?
    Yes. We pick our suppliers very carefully, in matters of product quality, sustainability issues and most of all workers right. Our current plant is located in Portugal and meets all of this criteria.
  9. Any colourschemes we can look forward to?
    A lot of them. You can expected classical video games inspired color palettes. We have a lot of them already designed, but thought that for he crowd funding campaign it was best to only launch the basic black and white. (EDIT: only yesterday in an update they launched an 8-bit colourpalette for the panty perks too! So you can choose your favourite!)
  10. can you tell an estimated shipping date for the panty perks?
    We expect that 8 weeks after the crowd funding is successful, fingers crossed.

So, to sum up:

  • We got nerdy knickers, that look like heaven to wear.
  • Young, inspired designers.
  • Locally produced in Portugal and keeping an eye on sustainability.
  • International shipping.
  • Sizes from S-XL.
  • And a love for both Nintendo and Sony ;)

So, what about you?

I'm totally smitten, I can't decide which colour I like best. I think Mario red will always be an option, right?
And I simply love their catchphrase:

"turn these 8bit butts into a HD reality"

to keep up to date with Pixel Panties:
indiegogo: pixel-panties
facebook: pixel.underwear
twitter: @pixel_panties