#morethansexy: Who Made Your Pants? needs our ideas!

Superhero changing room
Superhero changing room

As many of you know, my absolute favourite brand of knickers is the british ethical brand Who Made Your Pants?. Produced in a small workshop in Southampton, by women, for women*. Knickers that make you happy and are traveling around the world. And the best part? These pants create jobs. Jobs for women that were refugees, from a lot of countries.

But now founder Becky and her Team need our help as she also writes in her blog post: They are looking for ideas how to take pics of their awesome pants on people wearing them - without having sexualised lingerie pics. They already took a few  new pics for us but now it's our turn! Traditional lingerie ads are often trying to sell a hypersexualised "perfect" body (to whom? men?). Who Made Your Pants? want to change that.
I'm honoured that Becky even cited part of a rant in her last newsletter:

Lingerie blogger Denocte agrees:
'I hate that lingerie is always advertised as having to be sexy of course for the male partner. because how dare a woman wear something comfy, pretty, etc for herself, right? outrageous!'

Aimee Shocker
Aimee Shocker by Who Made Your Pants?

So, what do WE want of Who Made Your Pants? Why do we love WMYP?
Well, I can tell you why I love WMYP?:

  1. One of the foremost reasons to love Who Made Your Pants? is for sure the comfort. I'm wearing my Aimee shorts almost daily, I got them in a lot of colours. They are invisible under clothes, stay put and don't rise up.
  2. Pants create Jobs!
  3. Tight bonds with their customers! They react to criticism very fast and always try to create a perfect style for everyone. (frontseam, side seam, high rise, low rise, lace, no lace... etc.)
  4. A large amount of cute Designs and Fabrics - you can combine a lot of nice bras to your WMYP? pants!
Blending into the background
Blending into the background

The first few pictures were already taken: Together with Model Rosalind Jana and photographer Florence Fox they took a lot of awesome pics! But now it's our turn, the customers and fans of WMYP? need to tell them what WE want to see! How do we want to have WMYP? presented? We can now talk about our ideas using the hashtag #morethansexy on twitter @whomadeyour, or just send an e-mail to  hello@whomadeyourpants.co.uk

Florence and Rosalind already thought about how they want your pants to be:


We are not only sexy, not only pretty, not only sth to watch. We work, live, laugh, cry - and most of the time we're wearing underwear while doing that.

So, what do we wanna see?

I already have some small ideas, I think I'll soon have some pics of me taken and do another blogpost to present them.

Rosalind Vintage Vanilla
Rosalind Vintage Vanilla by Who Made Your Pants?

Because my WMYP? knickers are always there for me:

  • When working out! I wanna see women* lifting weights, skipping rope, tightening their shoelaces.
  • At home when relaxing! Maybe it's just me, but I'm often home in a cosy wide shirt, knickers, fluffy socks and a cup of tea on the balcony. Maybe add a cat for utter perfectness.
  • At work! When I'm changing into my lab coat.
  • When studying! At home on the couch, at a whiteboard, remembering formulas or stuff.

And what would I else like to see?

  • more Superheros! I love the new pics, so, in my opinion you can never go wrong with a superhero series.
You shall not pass!
You shall not pass!

We are #morethansexy - and so is our underwear.

How do you want Who Made Your Pants? to be presented in the future?

xoxo denocte