Last Minute Lingerie - Small Business this Christmas!

In case you haven't noticed, it's not even two more weeks till christmas. That means that if you want to order lingerie as a present it's getting really close now! But fear not, for I made an awesome #giveyourmoneytowomen last minute lingerie post listing all my fav shops who offer GIFT CARDS, and most of them via e-mail so it's a super fast and thoughtful present!

Focusing on shops, brands and awesome people I know and care about I want to encourage you that, instead of giving a random piece of H&M underwear to the lingerie lover in your family or friends maybe gift them a gift card or voucher from one of these brands, led by awesome and rad women! Girl bosses run the world!

Vote with your money, give your money to women (check out the hashtag #giveyourmoneytowomen on twitter), small business this christmas! (Thank you Anja from my favourite german lingerie blog Everyday Boudoir for this title - also check out her blog because she always finds the nicest brands!)

When it comes to brick and mortar stores and brafitting services this post focuses on my German and Austrian clientele, because this is where I know my girls ;) And because I know how much joy a wellfitting bra can bring. Also, that often a little money towards that nice bra can be really nice! So why not give a gift card to that nice boutique in your town, that favourite designer, that awesome onlinestore? Led by kickass women?

Or, do you have that one friend that always wanted to get a brafitting but somehow never got the chance? Then maybe a brafitting voucher would be a great idea! But please, please, don't give it to someone that is happy with their bras (and that you think is in the ~wrong~ size) and that you want to change. That's not a gift, that's patronising. We don't want that! Rather give it to someone that you know will appreciate it.

(The following shops, boutiques, brands and brafitting services are mostly ones I already bought from or, when it comes to the all over Germany ones, I heard good things about and where I know the owners. Most of them focus on traditionally seen as female underwear.)

If you klick the title I linked directly to the page where the gift cards are offered. The amount listed is the smallest amount available for a gift card.

Rainbow Knickers by Knickerocker, available at Bluestockings Boutique for 45USD



Bluestockings Boutique (USA)
from 10USD
our favourite LGBTQIA inclusive onlineshop for Lingerie - from affordable to luxury prices, super inclusive, and totally asskicking awesomeness. Also the best lookbook there ever has been made on this nice earth.

Kleine Körbchen
German Onlineshop focused on small bust bras, from 20€ 
Germon Onlineshop and Boutique, from 25€

Virgin Lace
Virgin Lace by Kiss Me Deadly, Knickers available for 19GBP

Brands and Onlineshops

small bust Bralets, they also have a new series made for women who have undergone mastectomies or wear prosthetics!
from ab 20€

Alexandrea Anissa
from 50USD

Angela Friedman
from 50USD

blush Lingerie
choose value in €

Daniela Paradeis
my new love from Austria, vegan luxury lingerie made in Vienna
from 10€

Fräulein Annie
from 30€

Karolina Laskowska
from 10GBP

Kiss Me Deadly
from 25GBP
Also featuring a lot of cool other indie brands that often don't have gift cards available, so that's a shop and brand in one. and we loves it.

juju Lingerie
from 15€

Panty Pack Vouchers, from 25€ (Surprise package) / 50€

Playful Promises
from 15 GBP
similarly to Kiss Me deadly featuring a lot more indie brands!

Sugar Shape
from 10€
Bras for full busts, sized in centimeters rather than cupsizes.

from 35USD
Our favourite period underwear - also available for trans men!

Signature Body
Signature Body by Daniela Paradeis, available for 225€



The Perfect Fit
Schönbrunnerstraße 213/305, 1120 Wien
voucher for brafitting or choose value, pick up gift card or can be sent per E-mail

Dessous Avenue
Mondscheingasse 16, 1070 Wien
Gift cards available in the store


Gift cards available in the boutique or via mail
30159 Hannover

Gift cards available in the boutique and via mail and postal service
Berlin Pankow

Gift cards available in the boutique or postal service
38100 Braunschweig

Doppel D
Berlin, two boutiques
Gift cards available in the boutique, can be sent per mail

Formsache Brafitting
Giftcards available if you contact them
64807 Dieburg

Iris Bra
Gift cards available in the boutique, per mail and postal service
26789 Leer

three boutiques, gift cards available in store (and separately for the onlineshop)

L.Marie Dessous
gift cards available in store
16816 Neuruppin

30159 Hannover
Gift cards available in the boutique and per postal service

Na Und Dessous
Gift cards available in the boutique, if you contact them also per mail
33602 Bielefeld
from 25€, can be bought online and is usable in store and online
13581 Berlin

Gift cards available in the boutique and via mail
21335 Lüneburg

Petit Boudoir,
Gift cards available in the boutique
60318 Frankfurt

Sie und Er Mode und Wäsche
Gift cards available in store
61184 Karben

Wäsche Paradies
Gift cards available in the boutique
01612 Nünchritz/OT

whew, that's quite a lot!

If you give the gift of nice undies this year, maybe check out these awesome people - I'd love to hear back from you what you thought of the stores, boutiques and brands I picked!
Know of a brand or store that offers gift cards and totally should be here? Then just drop me a message and I'll check it out!