DIY: "Oh my God Nipple" Shirt

Soooo, since a lot of you asked how I made my "Oh my God Nipple" Shirt I thought I would share a short Tutorial!

You need:

  • a white or lightcoloured shirt (wash it first)
  • access to a laserprinter
  • q-tips
  • some blunt object to rub the motif on the shirt
  • paint thinner ("Nitro thinner")

paint thinner is dangerous when inhaled - keep away from children, provide enough fresh air (open the windows) and don't leave the stuff unattended!

Since my lovely ParaNoire already did a perfect how-to I will link to this, please read the basics, and just go through the process of making this specific shirt here in this blogpost.

Note: the print washes out with time. it works best if you wash the printed item of clothing per hand so you can enjoy it longer!

Step One:
Design / Print your lyrics MIRRORED on a laserprinter.
You can either tick a box in most printing programs that says "invert at vertical axis" or you flip the image and then print it.
If you liked my version I uploaded a pdf file and a already flipped pdf of it, you can just download it.

pdf: klick here for download link
flipped pdf: klick here for download link

it should look like this:


Step Two:
cut the lyrics in three lines and start applying the first line onto the front shirt. Place a piece of paper or a magazine between the two layers of the shirt, so nothing will print through on the back side of the shirt.
As mentioned in the tutorial you now transfer the lyrics onto the shirt by applying the paint thinner with a q-tip on the backside of the printed paper, and transferring it rubbing over it with a blunt object.

Text alignment
Text alignment
Rub it in
Rub it in

Step Three:
Repeat with all the lyrics you want to print

Rub it in some more
Rub it in some more

Step four:
Let the print dry and iron it, that should increase the durability of the print a bit.


Tadaaa - you're done! Wear with pride!

xoxo denocte