DACAPO - German underwear for bigger cups

Midi by Da-Capo

When attending the Lingerie Trade Show in Munich I saw, next to the usuals for big cups like Eveden Group, Panache and Empreinte, another brand that I didn't hear anything about before selling bras in a sizing range from A-H cup (european sizing).
The first thing I saw were the gorgeous cheeky colours of their spring-summer collection 2015, but I stayed for the perfect fit and lovely styles:


The lingerie brand with their main house in Oelsnitz in Eastern Germany (don't worry I had to look that up myself) are handling a big part of productin right there, the rest is handled via their daughter firm in nearby Czech Republic. Hence the whole production is directly in Europe!

For some years DACAPO was available in stores but not until 2012 they were also available at their online store- YAY! Shipping to Austria and Germany only, and the website is only available in German. But you can still browse the bras (haha, pun) if you go to mydacapo.de and click on "Produkte" and then browse through the bras by clicking on "BHs" on the upper left corner.
I also found out that some smaller underwear stores in Upperaustria (where I live) and Tyrol offer DACAPO, so I'll stop by one of the shops soon and will hopefully be able to try on a bra myself!

Latina by Da-Capo

What das DACAPO offer?

Right at the Trade Show I noticed the youthful choice of fabrics. Elastics that still offer enough stability go all through their collections, a lot of microfaser, lycra and tactel show that DACAPO underwear is most of all one thing: smooth and nice on your skin. Especially in Austria and Germany where a lot of people just want to buy everyday t-shirt bras that stay invisible under shirts this is a good move!

The prints are exactly down my lane: cheeky, colourful, youthful. Autumn Winter collection a bit darker and fuller, Summer collection happy and just make you smile.

And the best part? A really nice sizing range. Most of the bras start at european underbust size 65 (UK 30) and go up to 105 in smaller cups! There are cups from A-H available depending on what bandsize you need, the smaller the bandsize, the bigger cups are available. (*BIG thumbs up*

Every style is available in what I already call the "signature DACAPO style": a moulded 3/4 cup bra and an unpadded bra with wires. Rounded with a panty, slip and string PLUS sometimes extra stuff like corsages or tops.

The moulded cup bras that are, for me, really THE bra of this brand, are sold for 60-80€, a bit cheaper when on sale.

Ritmo by Da-Capo


I can recommend DACAPO furthermost for those that are looking for pretty, colourful and comfortable bras in a D+ range that stay invisible under a shirt. The moulded bras aren't shallow and i didn't see any cutting into the breast tissue at the cup seams even on a bit fuller breasts.
Up to now I don't know how the bras look on smaller busts though!
The band seems to be very comfortable, the only thing that might be unusual for people that are used to wearing UK brands might be the rather wide straps.

If I remember correctly I saw one moulded Halfcup bra at the trade show that didn't floor me as their other styles from their saisonal collections. If you want to try DACAPO I'd recommend ordering Saison styles for that reason, the basic styles are somewhat differently cut!

Plus DACAPO might be just worth a go for people looking for smaller cups and bigger band sizes in nice designs! All styles go up to bandsize 100 or 105 in cups A to about C.

Autumn Winter 2014 (partly already available)

AW14 Bharati
AW14 Bharati by Da-Capo

Bharati shows that there's a lot of eye for the details at DACAPO: The clean smooth look is topped of with a cut out at the center gore and a cute bow.
Moulded bra 65-100 up to F, unpadded bra 70-105 up to G.

AW14 Mademoiselle
AW14 Mademoiselle by Da-Capo

Mademoiselle also sports the cut out and bow.
moulded bra 65-100 up to G, unpadded bra 70-105 up to G.

AW14 Musika
AW14 Musika by Da-Capo

Musika doesn't have a cut out but a cute feather detail at the center gore <3 und is available up to G (moulded) and F (unpadded).

Spring Summer 2015

FS15 Fancy
FS15 Fancy by Da-Capo

Yes I squealed when I saw this one in Munich. OMG. How cute is that? The colour isn't that screaming neon in reality btw. I really love the straps with the lace on this one.
It's my favourite of this brand so far, I LOVE it!
moudled bra 65-100 up to G, unpadded bra 70-105 up to H.

FS15 Vista
FS15 Vista by Da-Capo

Vista in her white blue reminds me of summer and the sea in Greece - or Gmundner pottery. Sweet of course, love the button details on the center gore!
moulded bra 65-100 up to G, unpadded bra 70-105 up to H.

FS15 Bellini
FS15 Bellini by Da-Capo

Bellini in a orange-red, reminding me of the Bellini drink? - with a tone in tone flower design.
moulded bra 65-100 up to G, unpadded 70-105 up to G.


Did you know this brand yet? What's your favourite?

xoxo denocte