Bras for smaller busts - Part 3 - Shopping Tipps

So, here are my tips for you to shop fitted bras for smaller sizes!


Brands starting at A Cup


everything. Really. Plunges and Halfcups for everyone!
I'm still thinking that there is a woman somewhere in Poland with exactly my boobs. I recently posted an overview to all OnlyHer styles and bras.

Available at:,
starting from 60C/65B/70A depending on the style, up to Cup F (british Cupsizing)


Balconette and Halfcup Styles, sometimes Plunges
Especially the style A345 looks amazing on most small boobs.

Available at: Dessous Avenue Vienna, or at
starting from 60C/65B/70A depending on the style, up to Cup F (european Cupsizing)

Ewa Michalak

with reserve
Why? The styles tend to sometimes run very small, very large – especially in the bands – and since Ewa Michalak uses its own sizing system you can't just buy your „usual“ size.
Plus there have been some problems with returning bras. Don't get me wrong, the bras are gorgeous, and there are even plunges that fit for smaller boobs too! But ordering there is always a bit of a fortune game.

Available at:, some styles at
starting from 65A up to K, 60 and 55er bands are available on custom order

Boux Avenue

some of the balconette and halfcup styles look great on smaller boobs! Sadly they don't cater 28 bands. Stay clear from the plunges and blablablamega push ups!

Available at:
starting from 30A up to 38H in some styles

Available from D+

Cleo by Panache

If you are one of those inbetweenies lucky enough to be able to wear Cleo by Panache – lucky you!
The unpadded styles are often a very good fit, plus the Juna/Sadie/Poppy styles.
Just stay away from Jude, this one is just... blargh. Haven't seen this bra fitting a smallbusted lady yet.

Available at: Dessous Avenue Vienna, Doppel D Berlin and online (figleaves, bravissimo, brastop...)
Starting from 28D up to 38H, sometimes you can find C Cup bras on Ebay! And according to Stanikomania Cleo might add C-Cups again. yay!.


padded Halfcups
The unpadded styles and balconette styles are not as good for small boobs as the padded Halfcup styles. They do often look very great.

Curvy Kate

The unpadded styles don't fit at all on shallow and small boobs, but the Showgirl range is always good for a try. The Tease me is highly loved, but the Tempt me is (although it's a Plunge) often a nice fit too!

Tip: often available at bargain prices at
28D- sometimes 38J


Especially the older Masquerade bras are very beautiful on smaller breasts. For exampla Angie, Antoinette, Georgiana and Hestia.

Tip: Hestia in black and white is still available at Doppel D in Berlin! And ebay is always a good place to look for.
28D - 38H

Maybe some lucky picks and if you want to shorten the bras yourself

H&M, C&A... 

You can try some H&M or C&A styles. I just did an article on H&M bras. If you feel comfortable with shortening your bras yourself you might find some nice bras at those stores.
But I really think that the ultimative comfort is reached if the bra fits perfectly from the beginning, without having to change anything.
If you want to shop at these stores always try to pick the right styles, as I already wrote in the last part of this series :) (No plunge!)
according to style, 32A-D, 34-40 A-E


The bras are beautiful, but the sizing is horrible.
Stay clear from the padded push ups, but the lightly padded balconette styles might work.

Now available online at
Sizings are 1,2,3,4,5, (30B, 32B, 34B, 36B, 38B) and sometimes C Cups are available (2B = 32B)


some padded styles, in my experience they do run rather tight. I wear 30 and 28 backs and my triumph Alluring Sensations is a 70B :)
sometimes starting from 65 A, mostly from 70A up to 100 H (european Cupsizing)

Panache Atlantis: if you want the extra push.

The styles of Panache Atlantis aren't widely available anymore and come in a limited sizing range. But if you need this extra push for some special night maybe check out these bras. I own one bikini and tried on some bras and they really do a nice enhancement without looking fake.

I personally wouldn't wear them in everyday life though.

wow, quite a long list! I hope this is helpful for you and if you have specific questions just contact me via twitter, facebook or mail :)
xoxo denocte

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