Blackbird Underpinnings - Lingerie Fashion Week February '14

Remember the Blackbird Underpinnings Kickstarter a while ago?

I was (and still am) very excited about this brand, as I wrote in my last post about them: I love the diversity and confidence and luxury!

Well, they met their goal (yay) and just attended Lingerie Fashion Week in NY with their first collection, the MAVEN collection! They were included in the "Ones to Watch" exhibit (together with NEGATIVE Underwear btw., I love how different the approach and design of these new brands is!)

Julia Zolinsky and Marin Camille with one of their designs, the Edith Knickers and Anais Bralette

Blackbird Underpinnings

I just want to leave you some of the gorgeous pictures here, so you can indulge in the awesomeness and prettiness with me. The debut line will launch in spring and I can't wait!

Josephine bloomers and Marlene camisole by Blackbird Underpinnings
Josephine bloomers and Marlene camisole
Anaïs bralette and Édith knickers by
Anaïs bralette and Édith knickers
Coco romper by
Coco romper

I'm in love with the second set, I just love the velvet knickers and I got a whole new love for bralettes too.
>And I'm so glad they decided to go with the opaque dark stockings! It's refreshingly different and looks gorgeous.


Are you exited about the velvet opulence?

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