Blackbird Underpinnings - confidence in luxury (Kickstarter)

Blackbird Underpinnings
Blackbird Underpinnings

Ok, I MIGHT have a new crush on a lingerie line. Are you ready for confident, awesome, diverse women in lingerie? Yes? thought so.

The brand new line Blackbird Underpinnings has just launched their kickstarter this week and is now raising funds to get their first awesome line into production. And it is everything I want out of lingerie!

I was smitten by the beautiful pictures Julia and Marin, the two founders of the company, sent me.

  • Awesome retro underwear? check.
  • Beautiful pictures and location? check.
  • confident and diverse models? check!!!

I love the pictures, first of all they are very well done, stylish and pretty PLUS they are another great example of how diversity in lingerie is well done. In the spirit of our #diversityinlingerie movement I'm just overwhelmed by these promo pictures! Beautiful underwear is shown on diverse women of different ethnicities and sizes, au naturel and tattoed, plus they all look as if they really were enjoying theirselves during the shoot. YES. That's how it's done. 

I mean, just have a look at the video! Laughing, professional posing, confidence, authenticity. Plus: Further info on the brand, their background and project!

All pictures are by talented SF based photographer Kelly Puleio, and I really love her style. The perfect style for a retro luxe brand. PLUS: whoever decided on dressing the models in opaque black stockings: AWESOME.

Blackbird Underpinnings
Blackbird Underpinnings

I LOVE that they started their brand built on exactly this confidence, it's one of their key values state Julia and Marin, Co-Founders of Blackbird Underpinnings; "Blackbird Underpinnings promotes confidence, creativity, and authenticity, and the Kickstarter will help fund production for our debut line, the MAVEN Collection, influenced by iconic women throughout history who broke through social barriers and exercised unapologetic self-expression."

The production will be set in the San Francisco Bay Area and the debut Collection will consist of five signature pieces: "each named for a pioneering woman that has inspired us in her strength, spirit, and ingenuity."

  • Édith – Crushed Velvet Knickers
  • Anaïs – Silk Charmeuse Bralette
  • Josephine – Silk Charmeuse Bloomers
  • Marlene – Silk Charmeuse Camisole
  • Coco – Silk Charmeuse Romper
Blackbird Underpinnings
Blackbird Underpinnings

I'm currently trying to find out which one I like best. I think I'll settle for the Velvet Knickers "Edith" after Édith Piaf, just because I've NEVER owned any velvet knickers! I mean, it does have a taste of luxurious awesomeness, doesn't it? Here I am, all happy and beautiful, lounging in my VELVET UNDIES. Yes. I can very much see myself wearing those. And I really like the romper. I'm SO intrigued to try that one, I'm looking for some gorgeous nightwear and this would be PERFECT!

Anais Nin Quote
Anais Nin Quote by Blackbird Underpinnings

The lace on the back of the Anais Bralette reminds me of some vintage pieces my granny owns, and please note that this is meant as a very high compliment.

All pieces will come in sizes XS-L and be available in two colours, gold/champagne and black. YAY for new goth lingerie!

And, did you see all that lace? *swoon*

Assorted laces
Assorted laces by Blackbird Underpinnings

If you are thinking of getting one of the pieces and do not currently live in the US, you might wanna pledge to their kickstarter right away. Because all kickstarter gifts will be shipped internationally, but for the start the online shop won't have any international shipping options: "We will most definitely ship internationally for our Kickstarter campaign rewards. However, as a new small business, we will not be shipping internationally through our online boutique right away. We do plan to ramp up to international shipping once our business is a bit more established, which hopefully won't be too long!"

For example a pledge of 55USD will get you a nice pair of those crushed velvet knickers! <3 (+15USD for international shipping).


So, friends, fetch your glasses of champagne and a toast to Julia and Marin, the two masterminds behind this amazing new Intimate Apparel brand. I wish you all the best for your company, and I'm SO EXCITED to see more of you stuff!

Blackbird Underpinnings
Blackbird Underpinnings


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All Pictures by:
Kelly Puleio