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#morethansexy: Who Made Your Pants? needs our ideas!

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As many of you know, my absolute favourite brand of knickers is the british ethical brand Who Made Your Pants?. Produced in a small workshop in Southampton, by women, for women*. Knickers that make you happy and are traveling around the world. And the best part? These pants create jobs. Jobs for women that were refugees, from a lot of countries.

But now founder Becky and her Team need our help: They are looking for ideas how to take pics of their awesome pants on people wearing them - without having sexualised lingerie pics. They already took a few  new pics for us but now it's our turn! Traditional lingerie ads are often trying to sell a hypersexualised "perfect" body (to whom? men?). Who Made Your Pants? want to change that.

[Review] (Do you know) Who made your pants?

This got Becky thinking... 'I love lingerie' she thought.. but where does it come from? Who made my pants?

At that moment, the name was born and the idea started taking up her every waking moment.

Imagine you can wear the most gorgeous knickers, in awesome colours and they were ethically made. In Great Britain, by women who needed help and a well paid job. Women who are refugees mostly, had a tough life.

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