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[Review] ParaNoire Design Lace Bralette Set

Bralet No. 1

As mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough to get the chance to try on the all new Bralette Set by ParaNoire Design. (She was interviewed on BH-Lounge recently btw ;) )

I recently got the hang of wearing bralettes and/or bras without wires because I'm in a brafitting crisis. also known as: My boobs shrunk, my muscles got bigger, and I would need enourmously wide wires with very VERY shallow cups. Also results in very little of the bras I own fitting any more.

The Mansplained Bra - aka the Kewi Disaster

The peak of bad PR might have been reached

While already working on an article about this company inventing a new bra because I find to be it a bit shady, I found this link and was rendered speechless. And let me tell you, this is NOT something that happens often. The whole thing is made and planned and designed by a man, which is always a bit of a cautionary tale in brafitting for me - shouldn't there be SOME people that... like... actually have DD+ boobs... be in there too? where are they?

disclaimer: since this is going to be a long rant, prepare for gifs.


#Smallbusters - Fairy Bra Mother Letter

It has been nearly two, TWO years that I wrote my Fairy Bra Mother letter for hourglassy, can you believe that? That means I'm blogging for soon to be three years, woooow. But some things never change, and one thing I'm still very passionate about is giving girls and women with small busts more confidence if they are in need of a boost. I know what it's like to feel miserably with your own breasts when it comes to bra fitting because they feel "wrong" and "weird" and "too small", and I wanted to give something to all those readers that might occasionally feel the same way.

[Review] Nudwear: Do she got a booty? She doooo (and boobs too.)

A while ago the company Nudwear contacted me asking whether I'd be interested in reviewing one of their new strapless, backless and seamless bras. After checking out the website I decided that I HAVE to try this - a stick on bra? Does that really work? I mean... does it??

TLDR: for certain sizes and events I'm pretty sure this one does :D


Ich bin ein U-Boot. Boobs-bot?

Hei sweethearts, I'm really sorry that there's not much going on here on the blog!

My college is keeping me busy (which I like!) plus Winter is Coming (who else is Game of Thrones addicted??) and my motivation to Blog is sometimes a bit... non existent.


You can all come visit me on many social network sites, where I'm posting stuff I like, what's not "big enough" for a full article on my main blog and stuff that's cute, important or just fun.

For example you can currently see the first bra I ever made, I found it in my drawer this morning ;)

English Reader Survey

Dear non-german speaking Readers,

I'm getting a lot of traffic from countries like the UK or the US.
Since I often only write and do not post a lot of pictures in my ramblings, I hardly believe your stay here is a very nice one - although the online translators do a very nice job most of the time.

I stumbled upon this finnish blog last week, Bra nightmares, she does the blog in finnish but adds a (shorter) english translation at the end of each article.


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