About denocte

I'm Denocte, born '88, from Austria and on this blog I write about underwear and lingerie, bodyimage and feminism and of course well fitting bras.


The blog started out as a way to provide information to Austrian girls and women on where to find proper fitting bras. So, of course, I started blogging in german. But I love connecting with fellow bloggers and a few years back most of my blog-buddies were english speaking.

So they couldn't read my wonderful blog ;)

That's why I started adding translations or English versions to most of my posts in 2012. Sometimes specific articles will only appear in one language option since the whole translation stuff takes a LOT more time than I initially anticipated.

But don't be confused if the early articles are still German only, since February 2012 everything important should be translated.

If you would like to have some specific article translated or need help with the results google translate shows you when putting my article through it (very funny btw, since I'm writing in Austrian German most of the time which really confuses translating tools^^) just let me know (comment, e-mail) and I'll see what I can do.

Feel free to contact me with your thoughts on my blog or just to say hi :)


mail: denocte@kurvendiskussionen.at
Twitter: @denocte
Tumblr: tumblr.kurvendiskussionen.at
Facebook: facebook.com/Kurvendiskussionen
Google Plus: Kurvendiskussionen

xoxo denocte