Why small breasts need supporting bras too

Hello everybody,

It's a bit embarrasing to confess that although I'm writing a lot about different brands, bras and shops I kind of never wrote something about the basics, why a fitted bra is important for smaller breasts too.

When Darlene Campbell searched for fairy bra mothers on her blog hourglassy I loved the idea and wrote a letter directed to young girls with smaller boobs struggling to find the right bras.
I was so glad to hear that she liked it and you can now read it in her blog! Read the other letters too, they are all really awesome.

Nevertheless I didn't really include the topic in my blog.

When German new brand SugarShape (read my blog post) asked me to write a guestpost on their blog I felt very honoured, and took this chance to finally write a little something in German: Why smaller breasts want fitted bras too!

Yeah, it doesn't exactly appear in my blog too, but at least it's in German this time and I hereby promise solemnly to do more bra-philosophy-theory-stuff in my blog from now on. ;)

Read my german text on the SugarShape Blog :)

xoxo denocte