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(Disclaimer: Hunkemoeller contacted me a while ago whether I would like to write a short article about their website, in return they will provide some undies I can review for you. Of course opinions are still my own, d'ohh ;) )

Bra set Maya
Bra Set Maya by Hunkemoeller

Hunkemöller is one of the very few cheap underwear chains in Austria and Germany that offers a sizing spectrum beyond D and E cup bras. Their bras come in sizes 70 to 100 EU size, Cups AA (in 70 and 75 bands) to H (up to 95, up to E Cup in 100). For a fashionable chain in the cheap pricing range this is quite good!

I don't really fit their bras since my bust just doesn't work with their styles, but I already fitted a couple of my friends in some really cute and well fitting Hunkemöller bras - especially for fuller and perky breasts starting from 70D I really see a potential in these bras!

Pyjama Mariam
Pyjama Mariam by Hunkemoeller


When it comes to Underwear they offer, other than basics, a load on cute frilly knickers, more "sexy" sets with stockings as well as swimwear, nightwear, loungewear and sportswear.
(I'm writing this article wearing one of the ultra fluffy flannel leo print pants. I LOVE their loungewear and PJs.)

Since this post should be a bit more about their website I had a look at their sizing and style guide. A bit hidden (why??) I found this cute vid that comes with the sizing guide:

I really like this video. The model looks comfortable, happy and not over the top or sexy. She looks as if she's just trying on lingerie for her - and finally not lascivious and sexy for the menz (™).
I like!
The mentioned fitting tips are okish, but I can't wholeheartedly agree. (Plus: the white bra in the end just doesn't really fit imo, the cups are too small as you can clearly see in the profile shots. The wires should encase the bust!)
Also, if the band is riding up in the back this is in next to all cases not the fault of a too tight, but a too wide band: The straps are then worn too tight to feelo a bit better supported and the band is riding up. (This is one of the reasons why too wide bands can cause back pain - the weight isn't supported from the band). And of course the straps don't have to be of the same length - adjustable straps mean you can even out little asymmetries most of us have.

All in all the video doesn't rise to my high brafitting claims, but I really love it for the positive atmosphere! Plus: Although Hunkemoeller is a mainstream brand they chose a model with a bit bigger bust than standard 70C-ish models. That really is nice.

Bra Set Maddy
Bra Set Maddy by Hunkemoeller

The size calculator:

I'm not a fan of bra size calculators, I rather love the word "Size Estimator" that for example Bosom Galore uses: A calculator, if it's more or less decent, can be a nice starting point - but the fit of the bra is more important than what size the tag reads. You can read my thoughts on how a bra should fit here in this article:"What does a well fitting bra look like?"

The bra size calculator on the webpage suggests to try cups that are too small in my experience, especially in the small bust segment. For example I'm wearing 70B in Hunkemöller and measure 74cm underbust, 81cm bust - their calculator suggests 70AA. But since this is a very common problem with size calculators I'm not really surprised. Size Calculators are sadly most of the time just a good thought, but not really a working solution.

So I rather like that they put in a disclaimer that the sizing guide is just guidelines anyway because every woman (every person!) is unique, and that the most important thing is that you feel comfy in your bra:

"Die Größentabelle ist ein vorgegebener Leitfaden, aber jede Frau ist einzigartig.
Denken Sie daran, dass es das Wichtigste ist, dass der BH richtig sitzt. Probieren Sie verschiedene Formen an, um zu sehen, was Ihnen gut passt und worin Sie sich wohlfühlen.
Eine neue Größe könnte sich anfangs nicht richtig anfühlen, besonders wenn Sie einen BH getragen haben, der nicht richtig saß - der häufigste Fehler ist das Tragen eines BHs mit einem zu losen Unterbrustband, daher wird sich die neue Größe enger anfühlen."

SexyShapes by Hunkemoeller

Next to the video how to measure for your size there's also a new page about their new Sexy Shapes: "Sexy comes in all shapes" (all shapes in this case obviously means the bra styles, models are still all thin white young women *sigh*)

It reads:
"Die Sexy Shapes sollen helfen, sich schon online anzeigen lassen zu können, welcher Schnitt für dich richtig ist."
(Sexy Shapes should help you to find the bra style that's right for you online)

Then, let's have a look!
The four styles are Beautiful Balcony, Delicious Demi, Fabulous Fullcup and Perfect Plunge.
Then I have to smirk a bit for the first time: There's talk about the "scientific approach" to find the fitting bra. well. I'd rather focus on important fit facts and personal preferences, but brands just LOVE to jump on the brafitting train these days - and they think some things are a lot easier than they really are ;)
But, true, I absolutely think that different breast shapes need different bras - but in my experience this isn't something you find out via a couple of clicks on a website. Nice idea, but it's just not that simple.
What I like: If you have found a style that works for you (e.g. trying on in store) you should be able to find similar fitting bras via their styles now (if they will be consistent in sizing and shape.)

My personal recommendation for these styles would be:

Beautiful Balcony works well with softer breasts and a fuller lower half, can be problematic if you have problems with the cup edges cutting in because they are often tilted inwards.

Delicious Demi very nice on smaller busts and busts in general that have problems with cups cutting in at the top. The wires are mostly a bit wider and due to the vertical seams it provides a nice round shape. Good for small and flat and soft breasts.

Fabulous Fullcup - rather general for all their bras with more coverage, different styles so I can't really say anything more!

Perfect Plunge a rather typical european Plunge Style: Very low, very arched cups. The cups are sometimes heavily padded and can be problematic for soft breasts, but the lightly padded Plunges without Push Up padding often work well for softer medium big breasts without letting the breasts tilt inwards.

All said, I'm really looking forward trying on some nice bras with my girl soon and reviewing them for you!

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