[Visiting] What every Girl wants #denocteontour

At my second visit in London this summer I made sure to step by the brandnew retro and vintage lingerie boutique What Every Girl Wants in Camden.

And I was lucky enough to meet up with awesome company and explore the new shop together: I met the girls behind Undercover Lingerista, Miss Underpinnings and Undressed to Impress. So we first had tea, no, to be honest, first I got completely lost, and Miss Underpinnings got lost too, and poor Laura had to wait for quite some time till we ended up in the same place. We were glad that the weather was fine so she could enjoy some sunshine!

But then off we went!

Amanda, the owner of the shop, knew that I might stop by and she was so happy to tell us a bit about the store and show as around. It is LOVELY. A perfect retro and vintage shop in my opinion.

From left to right: Undressed To Impress, Amanda, Kitty Lingerista, myself, Miss Underpinnings

The shop is located on the first floor in Camden lock and you can easily recognize it by its pink doors! And some lovely lingerie on display, the day we were there a gorgeous set by Playful Promises greeted us.

Playful Promises

Amanda, who used to work for LUSH looking over more than hundred of LUSH cosmetics shops, opened this little gem as an option to provide beautiful retro lingerie to Londoners (and, tourists. I mean, we're in Camden after all.)
She wants to offer retro lingerie without the usual goth edge a lot of retro lingerie has, and in my opinion she succeeded: Her selection is beautiful and diverse! (Though, you know me, I'm ALWAYS IN for goth chique!)

What Every Girl Wants

Brands currently available at What Every Girl Wants are:

As many of you may know, a lot of the retro lingerie brands don't do their styles in bigger cup sizes.
I really love that for that reason Amanda chose to include certain Panache styles in her sortiment: She wants to be able to provide a selection of beautiful lingerie to every customer, no matter what size. For example I saw the Masquerade Persia, the Cleo Juna and the Tango II.

Very intriguing is that Amanda plans to work with a seamstress to offer bespoke pieces and will soon offer Miss Crofton Lingerie! Another London based Lingerie designer :)

Playful Promises, Mimi Holliday, What Katie Did, Kiss Me Deadly

What Every Girl Wants

There is also a box of nice What Katie Did Stockings with seams in an old wooden box on display, right next to the antique cashiers box thingy.
If you want to buy just a little something as a gift or to treat yourself you can also buy the cute Frilly Knickers by Playful Promises, either the month-pinup girl knickers that come in a box or just choose frillies in one of the lovely vibrant colours! (turquoise, people. turquoise.)

What Every Girl Wants 

But a section I really really liked was the rack of vintage slips. amanda really has got an eye for that stuff and next to all the retro lingerie she also sells authentic vintage slips - and there are some real gems hidden. Or, on display. It's a rack full of perlon awesomeness in dusty pink, white and beige!

What Every Girl Wants
I tried one on "just to see how it looks" - and ended up buying it. WELL. But I felt like Grace Kelly! It has got plaits and it's light pink and aaaah so nice! The slips retail between 20 and 30 pounds which is a very reasonable price imo for the quality you get.

What Every Girl Wants


The whole shop is just so so lovely. Although it's just one small room there is a small changing area - Amanda put up a beautiful paravent where you can change into your lingerie to be in style!

What Katie Did

What Every Girl Wants

On an old chest of drawers the book which inspired her to name the shop "What every girl wants" is on display:

What Every Girl Wants

And there is also some perfume by Sarah McCartney whom Amanda met during her years at LUSH. I tried on of the perfumes and was very intrigued - I normally am not a very perfume kind of gal, there are two fragrances I ADORE (coco noir by Chanel and Belle d'Opium by YSL) but I loved the scent. It was dark and mystique and - well, I'm no good at describing scents. Plus I don't know which one I tried, SORRY! But if you go there make sure to try it, it's lovely.

What Every Girl Wants

Thank you Amanda for the lovely afternoon, it was so nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to my next visit!

If you are in Camden make sure you stop by, it is really really lovely!

You can stay up to date with What Every Girl Wants on their Facebook Page and soon their website will launch.

xoxo Denocte

I received a 50% discount on my purchase of the slip.