[Visiting] Paolita and Kiss Me Deadly

Another important stop on my recent #denocteontour London visit was the Kiss Me Deadly and Paolita Swimwear Boutique in New Quebec Street.

I was looking forward to that forever, because I'm a huge sucker for Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie. You might remember the gorgeous Sirena bra and Panty Girdle I reviewed on the blog a while ago!

And I was not let down - the shop is really awesome. It's not that big, pretty much only one room with a fitting room. But well, what else do you need in a boutique? It's amazing that the cute colourful Paolita swimwear works so well next to the much more mystical KMD Lingerie. What I really liked in the shop was how well Paolita and KMD go together in the shop. You've got KMD with a little gothy edge next to fun, colourful and a bit freaky swimwear - and it just looks gorgeous.

Paolita Kiss Me Deadly

Right next to the door is a parade of colours - and I completely fell in love with this multicoloured onepiece. I just need it. I mean, it's PURPLE and nice and leopard print and has got a low cut back! I MEAN WOW!


It just looks amazing when worn. The Bel Air Swimsuit retails at £160. I LOVE the colour combination.

Sunset Bel Air Swimsuit
Sunset Bel Air Swimsuit by Paolita

But I already knew what I would spend my money on this time: I had my eyes on the Vargas Dress - yes, THE Vargas Dress by Kiss Me Deadly forever.

Vargas Dress
Vargas Dress by Kiss Me Deadly

This, dear readers, is the most awesome shapewear dress I ever tried on. Although I still need some time to actually get it on (I'm so scared that I might ruin it - it's really tight!) it feels awesome once I'm wearing it. Everything is just so smooth and supporting, the bra part is gorgeous and sexy and it is long enough to prevent any bum bulges. It is just perfect. 69GBP very well spent.

Really cute if you don't like too much colourmash is the striped series by Paolita Swimwear. There was one swimsuit on display just above the cashier and I think if you are going for a bit of a pin-up girl look this would be the perfect choice: Carmen Miranda Magenta £175,00


And this Series is also available in Green and blue in a couple of different two piece sets. Stripey Madness for EVERYONE!

You can browse through a lot of more pretty colourful (and some plain black stuff) swimwear and beachwear (they also do sundresses!) on their Paolita online shop!

Right above the stripes parade some more Kiss Me Deadly items are on display. Girdle Galore and Bralet Beauties! The florar Panty Girdle is so pretty, I didn't really like it on the pictures but it's just awesome. It has got a bit of a Monet Garden vibe me thinks. I can totally vouch for the support of the KMD shapewear - I've never owned or tried on better shapewear. Or prettier shapewear for that matter.

Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly

But of course there is also Kiss Me Deadly Swimwear on display in the shop! I somehow just didn't take pictures. I blame it on the lingerie overdose of my tour. mea culpa. But just believe me that this beauty is even prettier in reality: Lace Print Shell Bikini Top £40, Lace Print Shell Bikini Bottom £55.

Lace Print Shell Bikini
Lace Print Shell Bikini by Kiss Me Deadly

The other thing I ended up buying was a girdle by Kiss Me Deadly. I was looking for a rather plain black girdle that I can wear to pretty much all of my lingerie and I decided to buy this gem:

Virgin Lace Suspender Belt
Virgin Lace Suspender Belt by Kiss Me Deadly

It says "Virgin" on the lace. Virgin. On a girdle. A gorgeous, lacy, sexy, girdle. I mean, come on - that's just perfect. There's also a matching bralet and knickers available! (Suspender: £36.25; Bralet: £36.00; Knickers: £16.25)

Kiss Me Deadly Virgin Lace

Sadly I just couldn't justify buying the Elle Robe. And trust me, I tried. I really did. But I would just have no occasion to wear it I fear! But I tried it on and it was so, so beautiful. Audrey Hepburn feeling.
I was afraid it might be too long for me since I'm pretty short, but it worked perfectly. The plain black one - my favourite because it's so versatile - retails at 75GBP.

Black Elle
Black Elle by Kiss Me Deadly

Long story short: If you're in London, make sure you stop by. It's very easily accessible since it's near the tube Station Marble Arch on Oxford Street.

Kiss Me Deadly and Paolita Boutique
18 New Quebec Street

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