A Trip to: Perth

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It begins!

We sailed around the world, Captain Denocte (bottom) and Captain Ännchen (above) to meet our lovely first mate Sia.

Bra Pirate
Bra Pirate

Our first report is written by my lovely first mate, Sia, reporting what she struggles with bra-wise in Perth, Australia.


Name: Sia

Freya Lucy
Lucy by Freya

Website: Bra None – www.bra-none.com

I'm from Melbourne, Australia but currently living in Perth, Australia.

One thing I don't like about myself: I get bored very easily

My favourite bra: Freya Lucy Bra in Silver and Charcoal pictured right.  

I have over twenty bras some very colourful, some with very intricate designs and details but the Lucy Bra is still my favourite after all these years. I love this bra because it makes my boobs look tiny, nicely rounded and supported.

I also love that it brings my boobs together. I have not been able to find a bra that makes my boobs look as good as this one and as happy as this one.

City: Perth

Population: 1.7 million

What I like about this City: The weather, beaches, people, all the outdoor activities

What I don't like about this City: It’s far away from home – Melbourne (4 hrs by plane)

I think the main place people go to buy bras are the large retails stores like Target, K-Mart and Big W but they don’t cater to larger cup size bras which I require so I don’t shop there.

The only place I can find close to my bra size of 30G is the major department stores like Myer and the more upmarket David Jones which are both on Murry St, the major shopping street in Perth. Though when I go to these stores and if I find my size I just try it on to see the fit or feel the fabric and check out the design before I go online to buy it there much cheaper.

There is also a bra chain called Bras n’ Things which has a store on Hay Street (pictured below) which runs parallel to Murry St and is the other major shopping strip in the city. It is quite a small city and these are the only two major shopping streets.

Perth City
Perth City

The Bra Bar is another specialty lingerie store in the city that women can shop at but is at the other end of Murry St just after William St. It is also near the newly opened Margaret River Chocolate Factory where I have been making a few too many trips lately. Well they shouldn’t offer free chocolate tastings!

Anyway I steer clear of all these because either they are too expensive or they don’t have my size at all. This is why I started my blog www.bra-none.com and stick to online stores.

My favourite online store which, was introduced to me by Evie, a work colleague from my previous job in Melbourne after I complained to her no end about my frustration of not being able to find a bra in my size is:


I love Bravissimo because of:

  1. The beautiful range of bras they have

  2. The way they present the bras. They make everything look so beautiful.

  3. They have my size – 30G

  4. They have exceptional customer service

  5. The prices of the bras are inexpensive compared to Australia, most times almost 50% cheaper.

  6. They deliver to Australia!

Other online stores I shop from include Brastop, Debenhams and Figleaves. All these online stores are in the UK which surprises me. It seems they have many women who require large cup size bras.

I am more happy to shop from there because the bras are cheaper and they have a much larger range than anything else available here. There are Australian online stores but they are too expensive, just as much as the bricks and mortar stores which is disappointing yet the online stores in the UK consistently have drastically reduced prices and this is even when they are full priced. I don’t understand why they are so expensive here yet remain so inexpensive there. It’s very disappointing.

I am just happy Evie told me about Bravissimo which lead me on a search to find others and I am so ecstatic I did. Thanks Bravissimo you saved my life!


Sia – Bra-None.com