A Trip to: Helsinki!

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Nickname: Bra Nighmares
Website: http://branightmares.blogspot.com/
I'm from Finland, Helsinki.
One thing I like about myself: I like the fact that I get excited about new things easily.
One thing I don't like about myself: I don't like how I don't always appreciate myself and my body like I should.
My favourite bra or bra brand is: Ewa Michalak, definately.
I would love to own this bra: Freya Deco and all Ewa Michalak's!
Short description why I turned out to be a fan of fitted bras: I was going through hell with my heavy breasts in badly fitting bras. Pain, chafing, scars. All that made me feel so bad about myself.


Facts about the City
Name: Helsinki
Population: 600 000
What I like about this City: I love how alive Helsinki is at the summer. Everybody's happy!
What I don't like about this City: The dark, cold and windy winter.

Hello to all of you Denocte's readers! My name is Bra Nightmares and I just started blogging a few months ago. I felt that there weren't many plus sized bloggers writing about bras and I wanted to start the first Finnish lingerie blog. I write my blog in Finnish and English (I have a translation at the end of each post), so feel free to stop by at my blog!

The fact that there isn't any Finnish bra blogs says a lot about the situation in my country. Even the specialist shops do a crappy job at fitting people. My mother just visited a well known bra shop in Helsinki and got fitted a 90F(EU). She's a lot thinner than me and has a lot bigger boobs and my real size is somewhere around 90J-K in EU sizing. And this was the bra she was fitted in by the ”best” fitters in Finland!

Most of the bra boutiques and department stores here seem to sell bras 70-85 A-E in EU sizing. Then there's some bigger bands and bigger cups, but they seem to be often aimed at grannies with their nude shades and wireless full cup designs. Smaller bands are rare and I don't think I've ever seen a 60 (28) band here in Helsinki! The best size variety seems to be at Change of Scandinavia but their bras aren't very well constructed or high quality to me and their fitters have never fitted me correctly.


Many fitters in Helsinki (and smaller citys as well) seem to love the idea of putting women in bigger and bigger bands. This is maybe because of the lack of bigger cup sizes so they have to accommodate by going up in the band. This is especially harmful for women with big breasts and big bands, as we tend to have soft, compressible tissue at our rib cage.

The moment I stopped going to Helsinki's ”good” bra fitters and started to buy my bras online, everything changed. I can now be pretty comfortably in my bra for 12 hours and feel supported and pretty. No more chafing, scars, too much boob sweat or other nasty stuff. Just learning to appreciate my breasts and wanting to spread the word. There's nothing wrong with your breasts, it's the bra that's wrong! I also want Finnish bra specialist stores and department stores to take responsiblity and sell and fit women the sizes they need. A G cup bra is a very rare sight in Helsinki and that has got to change!

Bra Nightmares in ihrem Curvy Kate Romance 40H
Bra Nightmares in ihrem Curvy Kate Romance 40H