Sugar Shape - Dolce Vita ohne Körbchenbuchstaben

The first collection is here: Dolce Vita hit the store!

Sugar Shape is a very promising StartUp which focusses on large cup lingerie - well, UK girls may say - and what's new bout this?
For Germany and Austria this really IS something new. But that's not the only new thing: They got rid of all those cup letters and you order your bra with just your measurements. AND they are reeeally community based.

Dolce Vita Laceprint
Dolce Vita Laceprint by SugarShape

About Sugar Shape

The two Sisters founded Sugar Shape in 2011 and started with a really interesting concept. Sugar Shape is an all community driven brand:

You can vote on the designs of the bras, on what bra they'll produce next, what colours, what Bra Charms - by the way - how cool is that. Really cute. Charms to put on the center gore. I mean - girl alert! But so cute!
So basically, you can vote on pretty much everything.

Bra Charm Key
Bra Charm Key by SugarShape

Besides voting you can also model for them, work with them or invest in them - as of tomorrow you can invest via seedmatch (a crowdsourcing concept) in the SugarShape sisters' new ideas.
So - community spirit everywhere.

Just watch the video above, it's in German but the drawings alone are really cute!
The two sisters started the company being two fullchested ladies themselves in desperate need of proper bras.
Which, you might know, are really hard to get in continental Europe.

Up to now the website is only available in German and you can chose no delivery outside Germany and Austria, but I guess if you just write an e-mail this won't be a problem.


You measure your underbust measurement (round to the nearest band size, they've got tight sizing) and your bust measurement and round it to the next even inch.

Those measurements in cm are your bra size with Sugar Shape!
e.g. you're a 28inch underbust, equals 71,cm, round to 70cm.
Bust measurement 35,5 inch equals 90cm. Then your Sugar Shape Size is 70/90.


The first Collection, Dolce Vita, is available in "laceprint" and "black" and you can Mix and Match the two bras with matching panties and thongs.

Dolce Vita Laceprint
Dolce Vita Laceprint by SugarShape
Dolce Vita String
Dolce Vita String by SugarShape
Dolce Vita Black
Dolce Vita Black by SugarShape
Dolce Vita Black
Dolce Vita Black by SugarShape

So, I hope that I can soon get my hands on one of those babies although I'm a bit too smallbusted (meeeeeh) but maybe some friend can try it on for me.

So, what do you think?
Bras without Cup Sizing Letters?
Community Power?

xoxo Denocte