Small boobs? We are here for you.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend so far!

Lovely Christine (Boosaurus) did an awesome smaller bust blogger roundup in her latest blog post!
So from now on you can look up who of us bra bloggers is writing about smaller busts, which sizes we are and what our main topics are at smaller bust blogger roundup.

I'm very honoured that she included my blog and even linked some of my posts - thank you for your kind words!
On the list you can find: The Lingerie Lesbian, 32AAbra, Small Bust Big Heart, Seins du Sphinx and Venusian Glow, plus a lot of links on articles and interviews concerning bras and smaller busts.

And I'm sure you all already know her full bra blog roll on bra bloggers and their sizes she did a while ago, hm?

xoxo denocte