Secrets everywhere

I know it's awfully quiet on this blog. Not that I don't want to blog - quite the reverse!
But I'm very busy preparing some secret stuff.

Wanna know more? Well, I guess I can tell you some details:

  • I'm really looking forward to a series of guest blog posts that will start soon (in May). We will travel around the world! Yay!
  • A friend just takes her first steps on her way to finding the right bra. She will do a little series and share her experiences.
  • If you take a look at the archive you'll find that my blog will soon has its first birthday, May 1st! And yes, there will be a party ;)
  • I'm working on some better solution for the translation problem and integration of english versions.
  • And there are some more bra-reviews. Atm I'm waiting for my SugarShape Dolce Vita and the Liberty Bra by Ayten Gasson - can't wait!
    (PS: there's a huge sale going on!)

So currently a lot of energy is put in planning the birthday hoopla - but I think it's all worth it ;)

xoxo denocte

Liberty Set
Liberty Set by Ayten Gasson