[Review] Pixel Panties in the flesh!

Pixel Panties for 8-bit butts!
Pixel Panties for 8-bit butts!

So, you all remember the ultra awesome kickstarter for the wonderful Pixel Panties I already wrote about on here, right? Well, they officially launched a while ago and the designers were kind enough to send me a pair of their knickers. thank you again!

as soon as I opened the envelope I screamed because OMG awesome. That's when I thought I could do another unboxing vid because a) the packaging is amazing and b) I got a new phone with better quality and c) maybe this makes the whole blogging thing a bit easier for me again.

So, for my first impressions and excited stumbling look at this vid: Isn't the packaging amazing?

Call Me Ms. Pac
Call Me Ms. Pac

Fabric and Finish

The fabric feels amazing. It's lasercut so no hems cutting into your thighs or bum and the waistband is a bit thicker. There's no extra elastic added which makes it very nice to wear, but a bit harder to get them on if you aren't used to that because they don't stretch as much as knickers with elastics do.
I have to say at first I was a bit worried whether I could even get them on - but I think it's just unusual, not really a problem per se. I just hope the fabric of the waistband doesn't stretch with time because the lacking elastics would make the threat of going commando a damocles sword ;)


They are amazingly comfortable and the lasercut pixels are really lying flat on the bum, which I wasn't sure of whether that would work.
If you are, as I am, uncomfortable with waistbands cutting into your tummy you might consider sizing up. I went for a size M and it's a nice fit but to have my head rest in peace I think a slightly larger waistband would be better - but that may be just my head ;)

I love that they used a print on tag instead of an extra label sewn it. The comfort this poses for sensitive skin is just amazing. Feels so soft!

One thing I noticed is that they are REALLY skimpy on the back. Like, really. Think of a slip inbetween of a brasilian cut and a thong skimpy. At first I was surprised because I didn't really expect them to be skimpy, but on the other hand I really should have known: I mean we're talking huge pixels! of course the front and back panels are more or less triangular.

Ms Pac Hipnotic Yellow by Pixel Panties
Ms Pac Hipnotic Yellow by Pixel Panties

Would I recommend them as my go to knickers for everyday wear?

Probably not. But that's ok. The fact that getting them on was a bit weird due to my large butt and the non-stretchy waistband doesn't form a good idea in my head for my 4:00am wake up days - I'm happy that I can FIND my clothes thank you very much ;)
Would I recommend them as something fun and comfortable to wear or gift to a friend?

For around 25€ the quality is really ok, especially considering the ultra awesome packaging. I already have some dear friends in my mind that I want to buy these pretties for! Which also leads me to my wish to Pixel Panties: Will there be Pixel Boxers? :D

Will you order some Pixel Panties yourself? Which colour will or would you choose and why? (I really want the red ones too, because Mario. D'oh.)

xoxo denocte

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