[Review] Lepel: Charlotte longline bra

Last week Marielle of petite and plentiful, my new companion in all things for smaller busted girls, sent me the link to this beautiful bra by Lepel on sale at Amazon.
I already own one Lepel bra, the push up Isabella, and tried on the Fiore. Lepel does work very good on a lot of small breasts so since I absolutely adore longline bras (and didn't yet own one!) I just had to try this one!
It's the Charlotte Longline Bra, beige with black polka dot stitching (Original Name Black and Nude, but as we know, Nude is NOT a colour). I also ordered the matching knickers in a UK size 10. The style is from the Autumn/Winter '13 Collection by Lepel and available from 30-38, B-E (not every cupsize in every bandsize available).

There are more pictures and a review online by the wonderful Scarlet from scarlets-letter.net

Lepel Charlotte

lepel charlotte
Charlotte Longline Bra

Size: 30C
bandlength: 58cm
stretched bandlength: 68cm
Center gore: wires nearly touch (2-3mm apart)
Wirewidth: 11cm
Wirelength: 20cm
three pairs of hooks and eyes in three rows

Lepel Charlotte


On me, the wires are too narrow. First I thought that it wouldn't be so bad, but after wearing it for two days I knew I had to do something against it. The ends of the wires were pinching into my breast tissue, which is NOT COOL. As far as wirewidth goes a 30D or 32C would certainly have been better - but the cups would be too big. I bent the wires a bit so they are wider now, and it's not that much of an issue anymore, yay! So I don't see it as a problem major enough to not wear this beauty!

Before bending the wires: You can see the wires are cutting inside my breast tissue. But see how lovely rounded the shape is?

lepel charlotte

After bending the wires: Red mark is where the wires were before, pink mark is where my perfect wirewidth would be.
Lepel Charlotte

The cups are lightly padded and it gives me a gorgeous rounded shape - I LOVE it!
Since it's a longline bra it provides awesome support. Sometimes longline bras have a weird length and stab into my ribs, but this one doesn't: It's fairy short for a longline, but it's really comfortable.
The band is still very tight, I could've gotten a 32 band in this one and it would still fit I think. Since it's still a bit tighter than I like it I get a bit of a bulge underneath my armpit - but, well, I can live with that ;)

The knickers are insanely soft and very comfy. So soft and kind of really luxurious. There's only one other thing worth mentioning: Since they feature an elastic seam, they also favor muffin top when worn. If you want to avoid that I would suggest going up a size! The lace part is a bit see through, but not totally sheer - it's a nice seductive layer of nothing that still clothes you. I like.
In my case the beige is very much like my skin colour, which makes it seem as if it were a lot sheerer than it actually is.


Lovely Lovely Lovely Bra set. It was a total bargain at a price point of around 21€ incl. shipping from the UK. If I tried it on in a store I would've tested a 32B and a 32C to check out in which size I get the best bandwidth/wirewidth/cupsize fit. So if you need, like me, very shallow cups and wide wires, this might not be the perfect fit for you - but with a little bit of nip and tuck it can be a decent bra. And it's a BEAUTY.
I would recommend really taking care of the bra when washing, because the black dots are just stitched onto the fabric and the ends can get loose easily during washing.

Lepel Charlotte

xoxo denocte