[Review] Kiss Me Deadly Swimwear - a Day on the Balcony

Lace Shell Print Bikini by Kiss Me Deadly

In their recent “yay we’re moving” sale I snatched two of my favourite swimwear designs: The darling Lace Shell Print Bikini and the blue Dolores Swimdress.

[transparency note: the items were purchased by yours truly]

Lace Shell Print Bikini

Lace Shell Print Bikini by Kiss Me Deadly

I was lucky enough to find both the bottoms as the top were still left in my size (or closish, I wear S in tops) so I chose a size M in the top as S was sold out and M in the bottoms.

Lace Shell Print Bikini by Kiss Me Deadly


First of all, I love it that you can choose your size for both top and bottoms separately. I got a tiny bust and big bum - I can’t ever buy off the rack twopieces without either having gaping in the cups or cutting in at the bottoms.
The gorgeous construction does look really nice on small boobs if you ask me: I was worried that it would maybe be too much fabric and that I’d “drown” and look too flat for my tasting - but no! It’s perfect. The fabrics are soft on your skin but pretty sturdy, and for those of you who might be worried about stuff like that I think that although the cups aren’t padded you won’t see through your nipples.
I love the neckholder because together with the side support it really gives you a bit of support without constraining you.

The knickers are amazingly comfortable. The lace print overlay is not only gorgeous, but together with the regular knickers it’s finally a pair of bikini bottoms that actually covers my ass. Which is pretty much a first, considering these aren’t made in a boyshort cut. There’s no spilling or cutting into soft tissue and bum fat - just comfy knickers. Gorgeous comfy knickers.
Also they aren’t low rise I wouldn’t see them as high rise knickers - they end a couple of inches below my belly button. Perfect if you don't like your swimwear too skimpy!

Lace Shell Print Bikini by Kiss Me Deadly


If you described the fabrics/prints chosen to me in words I would’ve stopped you right at “lace print on swimwear fabric” because, tbh, that does sound pretty ugly in my head. But the grey lace print paired with the light rosé is just a dream. The way the two fabrics are used is really darling and cute. The Side-Support-Neckholder Combination is wonderful and I love that it’s mirrored in the overlay at the knickers.

Dolores Swim Dress

Dolores Swim Dress by Kiss Me Deadly


Actually I wasn’t sure about daring to order this dress, because it only came in a size S and well, my butt is a lot of things but S is definitely not one of them. In the end I decided to give it a go because

Dolores Swim Dress by Kiss Me Deadly
  1. it is just so so pretty,
  2. it was on sale and
  3. if I went for an M I would’ve had gaping in the cups so SOMETHING will not be a perfect fit if I order a swimsuit anyway.

And I am so, so, SO happy that I did. Gladly the swimsuit fabric of the knickers part is pretty stretchy and forgiving, so yes, it’s a bit (ahem, much) tighter around my upper thighs than I would like it but totally wearable.
I think the cups would look amazing on a bigger bust and were designed with a few cups more in mind, but due to the cute folding it still looks lovely on my small breasts.
When extending the tankinilike part of the top to a dress it’s more obvious that around my hips that dress is clearly too small for me. But I love the idea and the look, and I’ll wear it just low enough to cover my hips a bit because I really like the silhouette that it provides.

Dolores Swim Dress by Kiss Me Deadly


I loved this one ever since I first saw the pirate themed pics. It’s just amazing and unique, I’ve never seen a similar dress anywhere. The low cleavage paired with the
fully covered belly and - if you choose to wear it as a dress - hips/thighs makes a really unique and nice contrasting look.
I love that you can choose for yourself how you want the swimsuit/swim dress to look like: More like a dress? More like a swimsuit with rouched belly area? Asymmetrical? All in your hands.

Dolores Swim Dress by Kiss Me Deadly

I was wondering whether it would get too hot in it, but since the dress is actually more of a tankini with a powernet between top and bottoms you don’t have a bulk of fabric around your torso at all. The net is tight but not constricting and also helps against the dreaded “tankini crawling up my belly” problem.

Dolores Swim Dress by Kiss Me Deadly

Also the colour looks gorgeous.

Sadly I haven’t had the chance to try either of my new swimwear pieces in their meant-to-be-conditions like, in water. I’ve already been using them to feel pretty when enjoying a bit of sunshine on the balcony, but otherwise I can’t say anything about the practibility of them when actually used for swimming. BUT they are coming with me to a muic festival/swimming holiday in June, so I’ll add a few words about KMD Swimwear + Water after that!

Dolores Swim Dress by Kiss Me Deadly

Do you own any KMD swimwear? What are your experiences?

xoxo denocte

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