[Review] Kiss Me Deadly - Sirena Bra and Panty Girdle

Sirena Red
Sirena Red by Kiss Me Deadly

There's shapewear and then there's Lingerie. And usually, those are two different things.
When I think shapewear images of bland beige cinchers come to my eyes, and no nice feelings. Too tight waists, seams rolling up, envisioning the scene of Bridget Jones where she put on her shapewear panties and then met Mr. Darcy.

When I think Lingerie a whole other lot of stuff comes to my mind: nice fabrics, feeling confident and gorgeous, a great fit.

And now I truly found something that's both shapewear AND Lingerie - the Kiss Me Deadly Sirena Panty Girdle - and the matching Sirena bra!

I lusted after this set since I saw the first pictures, or, to be honest, since I saw THIS picture:

Sirena Red
Sirena Red by Kiss Me Deadly

I loved the bright red paired with the fine eyelashlace - I mean, have you been spying on my dreams?

Well, since I didn't have anything to go with the bra and couldn't really afford a whole set I always just sat at home thinking about it. And then awesome Caro, blogger on The Lingerie Lesbian and truly amazing writer hosted a giveaway. You could win the gorgeous Sirena high waist panty girdle by Kiss Me Deadly! And apparently the gods were in my favour (yes I want Hunger Games Catching Fire to finally be in cinemas thank you very much) because no one else than yours truly won the prize - ahhhh!

So, I finally had my dream come true and got this awesome set delivered <3

I chose the panty girdle in Size M and the bra in size 32C.

The panty girdle comes in sizes S-XL, the bra in 32-36 B-DD.

Sirena Red
Sirena Red by Kiss Me Deadly

While the bra is truly beautiful and extremely comfortable to wear, it's sadly a bit on the big side for me. The wire width is perfect but I just can't fill it out, the next KMD bra I buy will definitely be an 32B :) But it's still wearable and it would be a sin against fashion to NOT wear this beauty. I especially love the satin side pannels that go high up your shoulders! (you might not choose a strappy top to go over the bra, the bra straps are really wide.)

And the panty girdle - well, it exceeded every expectation. I fully expected it to be a bit uncomfortable and doubted that the suspenders would really work - I was half expecting that the stockings might weigh the panty down. Oh, I was so wrong.

Whilst it takes some practice to get in and out of the panty girdle with grace (it is, after all, pretty tight) it's not uncomfortable at all. I have got a big hip-waist ratio and the girdle is really accomodating for my hips, but not loose on my waist. I thought it could be a problem that my torso is pretty short, but it worked out well. I wear the panty a bit lower than maybe planned by the designer, but that way the upper seam ends exactly in my waist. The six suspenders are sturdy but not clumsy metal suspenders that really hold up your stuff. You can easily detach them if you're not wearing any thigh highs or to wash the panty.

The fabric is nice and soft on the skin, no itching lace or net.

I'm totally in love with this set, and thanks Kiss Me Deadly for convincing me that shapewear CAN be comfortable AND sexy!

xoxo denocte

All pictures by Iberian Black Arts for Kiss Me Deadly