[Review] Intimissimi Facets of Venice Bra set

YAY! Another Review on the blog!

I tell you people, it's been a busy time. I hope you all spent a lovely christmas! I put a bit of my christmas money aside to, well, you might have guessed, buy pretty lingerie! I haven't treated myself to sth nice in a while so this is really special for me.

People who know me already know of my love and hate relationship with Intimissimi.
I love them for:

  • the really pretty designs and styles
  • their last few very goth- and bondage style compatible collections
  • the beautiful lookbooks
  • their big sales twice a year ;)
  • their cotton basic wear
  • their expanded sizing range in at least some styles!
  • the really cute sleepwear (I got PJs with owls on them <3)

I don't like them for:

  • sadly not providing more or less decent fitting advice ALTHOUGH they pretend to do. (I don't have any problem with high street lingerie shops knowing nothing about brafitting. I DO have a problem with pretending to know about fitting basics but in reality don't knowing anything. And this has nothing to do with fitting preferences, I'm just talking about basic stuff like "nothing should hurt, the wires shouldn't squish your boobs" stuff.) Instead they just try to fit everyone into their bras, no matter whether you're out of their sizing range or not.
  • putting non-removable push up cushions in most of the styles that fit my bust :(

So, I LOVE going through the lookbooks and trying stuff on. Since I know I don't have a chance with their plunge bras I mainly try some Balconettes and padded Halfcups AND special collection bras.

And this time I just was a very lucky girl: I found a really perfect bra (and it was on sale too ;) ).

I love the current AW13/14 collection which was shot in Venice. I never really noticed the bra I bought now though, and I can't find it in the online shop either. MYSTERY!

Intimissimi changed their sizing some time ago, and they DO OFFER CUP SIZES yeah baby! I went for the smallest band size available (EU 75, IT 2, UK 34) and Cup B. And as amazing as it is: It really is a very good fit.

The bra has got some pretty heavy push up magic going on, but since the cups aren't cutting in and the upper seams it doesn't look weird at all but creates a really lovely round shape. Yes, it's a really enhancing effect, but looks reaaally pretty.

The bra has a bit of a longline look on it, without actually being longline. But it's long and supportive enough to be worn as a strapless!

Because this is the next cool thing: You can choose how you want to wear the straps: There are regular straps attatched in a small cute sachet (awww), the fancy straps that come with the bra have got a lovely detail at the back: a "racerback" lace insert, and you can even wear it strapless.

The bra has got a light silicone band on the inside of the underbustband for extra support and so it doesn't move.

There is a cute little bow with a gold jewel thingy on the centergore - but it fell off when I handwashed it for the first time. I have to reattatch it. But well, that's really the only thing bad I can say about this bra.

It's comfortable, the wires are wide enough for my wide breast roots (which is a first for intimissimi bras in that size!) and really really pretty.

Since it's on sale it retails at 25€ atm! I bought the matching knickers too, which come with the same satin seam and jewel.

It really feels very luxurious and is a real love imo!

And there are some other styles of this collection I really want to try on. I mean. Just have a look through the lookbook, I'm sure you'll understand...

And if you want more comfy stuff like OWL PJs:

xoxo denocte