[Review] (Do you know) Who made your pants?

This got Becky thinking... 'I love lingerie' she thought.. but where does it come from? Who made my pants?

At that moment, the name was born and the idea started taking up her every waking moment.

Imagine you can wear the most gorgeous knickers, in awesome colours and they were ethically made. In Great Britain, by women who needed help and a well paid job. Women who are refugees mostly, had a tough life.

Imagine, the knickers have an amazing fit, the lace feels soft, and you can just put them in the washing machine. Imagine all the fabrics are industry leftovers.

A dream? no - reality with "Who Made Your Pants?".

I first found out about this amazing company on twitter a while ago, and decided to order a set to try - I chose the black ones in size UK 12:

Truly divine. The lace is wonderfully soft and the fit is just amazing on me, I especially like that the knickers don't cut into my thighs or hips because they are just amazingly stretchy.

In January there was a huge January Sale and I couldn't withstand - I ordered a five pack of red Aimee Shorts, this time in Size 10. Even more amazing!
I'm not really wearing any other pants anymore, because no other pants I own are this comfortable.

Aimee Shocker
Aimee Shocker

Who made my pants?

On every panty you've got a label with a number and a handwritten label with a name, you can research on the website who made YOUR pants.
I now know that my red pants were made by Sacdiya, who comes from Somalia, has seven children and likes Spaghetti.

Who Made Your Pants?
Who Made Your Pants?

As Becky states on the website:

"For many of the women we work with, it's important that this space is for women only. All the women feel safe here, which means they can relax and learn and socialise at lunch time without having to worry. No-one learns well if they are uncomfortable or scared and so we do everything we can to create a warm, friendly, fun environment. It seems to be working.

We provide all kinds of training in employability and UK norms as well as production. Employability is important - if you've never had a job before, how do you know you're supposed to call in sick? We can also point the women in the direction of other services should they want to get some help."


There are two styles available, the Aimee stretch lace shorts and the Rosalind short (Brazilian).
Every new recruit starts by working on the Aimee style and then moves onto the Rosalind style as they get more skilled.

You can save money by ordering panty-packs, for example the "mint choco chip" for £35.50!


All fabrics are reclaimed traditional synthetic lingerie fabric leftovers, even the cotton jersey gussets. Please take note that that's why the exact fiber content can't be stated!
I especially LOVE their Care Advice:
There are far more interesting things to do in life than handwash your underwear. All the fabrics we use are colourfast and are chosen to need no special care whatsoever. Wash with your normal detergent in your normal 30 or 40 degree wash.


xoxo denocte