[Review] Cleo by Panache Maddie in 30C

Cleo Maddie
Cleo Maddie

Back when I was wearing 30D or 30DD Cleo by Panache was my favourite brand for everyday bras. I loved the wide wires and some of their styles were a perfect fit for me and some of them were the first bras I ever wore that really fit! So, me and Cleo, bffs.

At one time I owned three different Cleo Georges (green, turquoise, buttermilk)! I loved the Juna, the Lucy, the Marcie is my favourite ever which I'm still wearing in 30D although it's a bit too big but I just can't stop wearing it. And I tried on more or less every Cleo bra I got my hands on.

This pic is me wearing the Marcie in 30D at Silvester last year, see how nice it fit back then!

Cleo Marcie 30D
Cleo Marcie 30D

So when a couple months ago word came out that Cleo planned to introduce B and C cups in certain styles I was THRILLED. I went from needing 30D to 32B or 30C due to doing more sports, and since up to now Cleo started at D cups, I couldn't wear any of my beloved styles anymore.

Cleo Maddie
Cleo Maddie

Last week I finally bought the Cleo Maddie in 30C at figleaves - and I am sooo much in love. I need wide wires and rather shallow cups, and this is such a nice fit on me!
Also, look at this cute and fun bra. The colour is amazing, my pics don't do it justice. I took the pics when it was already dark outside but it really is "raspberry": a dark pink-purple. I particularly love the neon bow at the center gore, it's such a fun colour combination! The pic below is the best take of the colour by the way:

Cleo Maddie
Cleo Maddie

It's available at figleaves for 25GBP (knickers 12GBP). I didn't see any other of the major online retailers carrying the small sizes, so if you find it somewhere else please let me know! If you are in Germany/Austria you can also buy the Cleo bras for smaller busts at BH-Lounge in Hannover and OnlyHer in Berlin will also order them for you.


In retrospect, I really should've taken a 32 band. I'm just not really used to my new size in UK bras yet apparently! You can clearly see that the band is just too tight around the upper edge of the band, so I'll just wear it with an extender the first few times.

My current measurements are:

underbust tight: 70cm
underbust loose: 74cm
bust: 79,5cm

The bra runs regular and I am much more comfortable with 32 bras at the moment. Not that the 30 is not a good fit, but I'm just wearing my bras looser these days. So my next Cleo will be a 32B. And yes I already ordered the Marcie in 32B and the Jolie in 30C (not available in 32B yet) ;)

The wires are perfect and don't cut into my breast tissue, the center gore is narrow and rather low considering it's not really a plunge bra.

What I definitely didn't expect is the tight fit of the UK size 10 panties. I usually wear 10 in Cleo but these are defo NOT invisible under tight clothing, there is some bulging and idk, I'm not sure about the comfort. Next time I have to size up again I think.

Cleo Maddie
Cleo Maddie


The fabric and stitching are nice as I expect from a brand like Cleo. It's nothing extraordinary, but it's good sturdy work that will last you long if you take some care!
It does also come in black and "nude" (beige).

Cleo Maddie Raspberry
Cleo Maddie Raspberry by Cleo by Panache

I love that the ripped structure of the fabric of the cups is also taken into account in the straps: They show a similar ripped structure!

Cleo Maddie
Cleo Maddie

The new wire linings are printed with the slogan "crafted for fit, styled for fun" - and I like the direction Panache is taking with their Cleo collections. Not every bra needs to be sultry and dark and sexy (not that there's anything wrong with that) and they fully encorporate a youthful and easy look for their Cleo collections. For sexy lace there's always Masquerade by Panache! (that sadly doesn't come in C cups ;) )

Cleo Maddie
Cleo Maddie

I'm certainly looking forward to more of their B and C cups styles. You clearly see in the structure and style that the people working on these bras know what they are doing. They ported their knowledge of full bust bras and D+ bras pretty well if you ask me!

Fellow small busters, are you as excited as I am about this? Did you already try any of the new Cleo bras? What are your Cleo favs?

xoxo denocte

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