[Review] BouxAvenue lingerie #denocteontour

So, in this post I'll show you some of the awesome bras and cute knickers BouxAvenue offers and how they look like on a girl with small bust and big hips.

You ready? This might take a while.

Let's start with the knickers cause there's only one pic I'm willing to share:

THE CUTE FRILLIEs: The series is called Frilly Milly Briefs and there are a LOT of colours. and they are supercomfy and soft! 

frilly milly bouxavenue

denocte bouxavenue

Usually when I go bra shopping I opt for halfcup styles with vertical seams and no three part cup styles, since these halfcup styles usually work best with my shallow breasts. I need wide wires and shallow cups, my breast tissue reaches very high up and I am wearing very different sizes according to brand. The BouxAvenue bras I already owned were a 32C and a 30D, though the 30D was very very tight when I bought it so I gave it to a friend. This time I ended up needing 32C or 30D in most styles, if you're a 28 band that needs a small cup you might give BouxAvenue 30es a try!

This time I first spotted the lovely Georgia, a Balconette with rushed tull over the cup. I've loved it since I first saw it on the website!

BouxAvenue Georgia

The fit was okish, but the upper seam of the cup is just tilted inwards too much, so it's cutting into my breast tissue. You can't really see it on the picture, but the shape of the cup just doesn't work for me.

denocte BouxAvenue

What really really surprised me was that this style, the Marlena is fitting me like a glove:

BouxAvenue Marlena

BouxAvenue Marlena

The pink one retails at £12.00 and the Leopard one at £24.00. There are also very cute matching knickers available, high waist and with suspenders - aww! And a matching bodysuit! And since this style really suits me I bought the Marlena set in pink and the bodysuit in leopard print. I took the body in a 32C and the pink bra in a 30D, both looks really nice! The cup doesn't cut into my breast tissue, the wires are wide and great, and it's FLASHY and fun. I sometimes love my underwear like that.

BouxAvenue Marlena

And this is what the Marlena looks like on me: (blurred pic. sorry.) I additionally love that the center gore is pretty low, so it's very comfortable and can be worn with deeper necklines ;)

denocte BouxAvenue

Here you can see the fit of the cups a bit better - and look how pretty the leoprint is! I'm a sucker for leo. I refuse to think it's trashy :p Plus it's on sale for £17.00

denocte BouxAvenue

I'm really bummed that this cute longline didn't work perfectly on me: The Fleure Cotton (!!) Longline. It was not awful, but in the end I just was happier with the other bras so I didn't take it. But the design is insanely pretty. Maybe when it's on sale one day... ;) it retails at £24.00, sizes 30A-34E/36DD

BouxAvenue Fleure

denocte BouxAvenue

The gaping sadly is only half due to my arm trying to take pics. But it's not THAT obvious when I'm in natural movement and not knotting my arms in a weird way. (bra selfies? TAKE A LOT OF EFFORT.)

denocte BouxAvenue#

But what I just couldn't let go once I tried it on was this gem: The Chantal Floral Balconette. It's a GORGEOUS pattern and style, vertical seams only, it's like made for me. And the design is so pretty! Flowery and black lace. My goth heart rejoices! £28.00, 30-38B-F

BouxAvenue Chantal

THIS.IS.PERFECT. (I'm wearing a 32C)

denocte BouxAvenue

The cups are pretty shallow so they fit me perfectly, the lace isn't visible through the shirt and they provide a gorgeous round shape. <3

denocte BouxAvenue


denocte BouxAvenue

What I sadly couldn't try on because it doesn't come in my size is this style: Their Full Support Balconette. It's available in different Designs but the basic pattern is the same. Available in sizes 32-40DD-H! I think it looks very promising!

BouxAvenue Adriana

So, which of the styles do you like the most? Has anyone already tried the Full Support Styles?

xoxo denocte

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