Palmers Miracle-Up Review

Miracle Up
Miracle Up

In the last weeks all through Austria the posters of newest Palmers creation appeared: The Miracle-Up.
Worn like a add-on bra over your actuall bra it promises an enhanced Push Up effect - Because sometimes more is more (Weil mehr manchmal Mehr ist)

Miracle up! Because sometimes more is more

Simply uplifting! MIRACLE-UP is the new Dessous-Miracle: Worn over your favourite bra the bustier lifts your bust and creates a breathtaking Push-up Effect. The extremely smooth processing makes MIRACLE-UP nearly not noticeable and extremely nice to wear.

The innovative MIRACLE-UP is perfect to wear under low-cut tops, dresses and it's the inside tip for a Dirndl!
Dramatic Push-up Effect
Optimal Support
Suitable for big cups
available in black and white
very suitable under low-cut tops, dresses and the Dirndl


So to say it's a bra for your bra.
Mr. Denocte just said:

"Well, if your bra doesn't fit it needs something to support..."

Well said! That's all it is:

If you wear a well-fitting bra, you don't have to put yourself through this (no matter what size you are).

So today I went to Palmers and took a look at the Miracle-Up.
I asked the nice lady to tell me how to wear the pretty thing.

You simply wear it over your bra and this should, in theorie, add the Extra Push Up.
They thought I should try a Size S (36-38) - there are no different cup sizes.

Miracle Up
Miracle Up

I wore my OnlyHer Tabasco in 65D underneath.

Although the Miracle-Up was too loose for me, it was very clear what's the problem with this thingy: The Push Up effect is provided because the lower part of your boobs is squeezed hence you got boob spillage on the top. Well. If you consider boob spillage as a "nice cleavage"...

Miracle Up
Miracle Up

The Miracle-Up was too loose for me, even the (by the way very sweet) saleswoman noticed that right away. She said that maybe you could shorten it - but I don't advise this for this style, since the plastic wires would really poke into your armpit if you just shorten it at the back.

By the way - no idea WHO wrote these slogans - the Miracle-Up isn't comfortable at all. It rubs on the ribcage (because it's too loose too) and the plastic thingies poke. The straps aren't soft and not elastic.

Miracle Up
Miracle Up

The Miracle Up is available in S, M and L for 39,90€ and should add a Push-Up to every bra.

If this thing nearly squeezes my boobs even if it's too big, you can imagine what this would do to bigger boobs: just squeeze, so that they spill out on the top.

And I mean, if there are three sizes only without thinking of cupsizes: How should this work "for bigger cups" too? Not every woman with bigger breasts has a big underbustmeasurement too! Slim women with big boobs have to wear once more much too loose bands, where the Push Up / Squeeze effect will no longer be provided.

Palmers, instead of inventing this style you should've better used your energy to produce fitting bras! Your designs are very often so very pretty, if you would just enhance your sizing rance and weren't so dead set on plunge styles...

I warmly recommend to wear a bra in the right size instead of buying a bra for your bra!

And in your right size there will exist so many nice Halfcup bras, perfect to wear under a Dirndl dress ;) (psst, keep your eyes open for a Dirndl Bra Blogpost soon!)

By the way I really don't suggest this bustier to women with similar small/big boobs as mine - you will get a lot more Push and comfort with nice fitting styles as I recommended in my Bras for smaller busts Series :)

xoxo Denocte