O'zapft is - Dirndl BHs nicht nur fürs Oktoberfest

It's Autumn girls - and that means what? It's Oktoberfest in Munich!

(psst, don't tell - I've never been there yet ;) )

My Sis and me, both Dirndl Dresses are made by me

Me being a real traditional Austrian Clothing fan, I don't really like those supershort Dirndl dresses - but well, everyone needs a nice fitting bra, a Dirndl Bra, for a Dirndl Dress!

So some advices for choosing your Dirndl bra!

You should always wear a wellfitting bra, best case the bra you want to wear under your Dirndl dress to try on your dress, especially if there will be some made to fit changes!

Dirndl bra? Yay!

What to look for? Of course Halfcup bras are ideal to wear with those deep cut out tops "munich styles" - but really, you can as always just wear what fits and what you like.

Serena Lace

Serena lace Balconette Bra von Boux Avenue
16 Pound, 32B - 38G

Antoinette Bra by Boux Avenue - out of stock but just so supersexy!

Masquerade Hestia

Masquerade Hestia
There's still some stock left on ebay.co.uk shops or at Doppel D in Berlin

Rhea in Mulberry
Rhea in Mulberry by Masquerade

Masquerade Rhea

available online or at Doppel D in Berlin or Dessous Avenue in Vienna

Tease Me Powder Blue/Ivory
Tease Me Powder Blue/Ivory by Curvy Kate

zB at Brastop, 12 GBP

Thrill Me Cobalt/Fuchsia
Thrill Me Cobalt/Fuchsia by Curvy Kate

Brastop, 9 GBP


OnlyHer Amaretto

Samanta Halfcups or Plunges, e.g. Samanti Inti:

Samanta Inti
Samanta Onlineshop or Dessous Avenue in Vienna

Freya Halfcups 30D-38G, e.g. the new Freya Marina,

e.g. available at figleaves.com, 29 GBP
and at Doppel D in Berlin and Dessous Avenue in Wien

Or maybe a nice Freya Longline, e.g. Carys?

available at figleaves.come32 GBP

Or a Fauve Halfcup, likenEmmanuelle Ink?

 54 GBP at figleaves.com

Don't try the Palmers Miracle Up - it's just hurtful and you throw your money away.

Have fun wearing your Dirndl dresses!


xoxo Denocte