OnlyHer - Overview

Since I'm a huge, huge fan of the gorgeous OnlyHer bras I want to provide a summary of all the OnlyHer bras available.

I will try to update this article when new models arrive!

There are three OnlyHer styles::

  • Halfcup
  • Plunge
  • padded Halfcup


The soft Halfcup style with light padding was the first bra by OnlyHer, the first two bras were Latte (beige) and Espresso (black).

Latte & Espresso
Latte & Espresso

Shortly after a bra made from similar fabrics appeared: The red Tabasco Plunge: A Plunge with one vertical seam. Perfect for smaller breasts!


Next: The Latte in a Plunge style – same style as the Tabasco Plunge, but same fabrics as the Latte Halfcup – and the Amaretto with an all new style, padded Halfcup: the cups are partly padded, with nice lace and an elastic band at the edge of the cups.


All new now is the Limited Edition Curacao Halfcup in light blue.

Curacao by OnlyHer

Names and colours:

As you can see, the name of the bra is always the colour: Latte, Espresso, Tabasco, Amaretto, Curacao – beige, black, red, creme, light blue.

Up to now Latte is the only colour which comes in two different styles.

Sizing Range:

I can really really recommend OnlyHer bras to those of us who need smaller cups (approximately A-DD).
OnlyHer really managed to tend to the special needs of smaller breasts and the developed very comfortable but at the same time very beautiful bras.
Women who need shallow cups should really check out OnlyHer

The bras start at 60 bands and go up to 75, not all styles are available in all sizes though. Most of the bras are available from 65FF to 75DD

Style Overview

Halfcup (Latte and Espresso, limited Edition Curacao, Chili)

Great basic style, elastic seam at the edge of the cups, very soft and lightly padded. Provides a nice round shape without being seen through a shirt. Also great for soft smaller breasts.

Plunge (Tabasco and Latte)

unbelievably effective! Brings the girls to the front and works great with small boobs. Very soft breasts might have a problem with the very low center gore.

Padded Halfcup (Amaretto)

A bit deeper in the cup as the other Halfcups, looks great on very round and firm breasts too.
For a perfect fit the elastic band might have to be removed. Very classy.

Overview with Quicklinks to Reviews:

You can buy OnlyHer bras at (page in polish) and (page in german), or just ask them on their facebook page.

I hope this is helpful for you!

xoxo denocte