OnlyHer "Amaretto" - Traum in creme und Spitze

Did you see the great ivory coloured bra by OnlyHer, the "Amaretto", yet?

Again it's a wonderful model for smaller breasts. This time Aennchen tested the bra for you!

xoxo Denocte


For the first time I've got the honour to test a bra for you today.

A big thank you to OnlyHer, who provided the bra and pantie set Amaretto! I've been waiting eagerly for my parcel and my expectations haven't been denied: The set is incredibly beautiful!

Herzlichen Dank an dieser Stelle an OnlyHer, die mir das Modell Amaretto mit Höschen zur Verfügung stellten! Ich hab ganz aufgeregt auf mein Paket gewartet und meine Erwartungen wurden nicht enttäuscht: Das Set ist traumhaft schön!


Facts first:

  • OnlyHer Amaretto, padded
  • Size: 60 DD (28DD)
  • Style: cup with one vertical seam, lower half is padded
  • Bandlength: 59cm
  • Bandlength stretched: 70cm
  • Length of wires: 22cm
  • Width of wires measured horizontal from the center gore: 13,0cm
  • Width of wires measured from end to end: 15,0cm
  • Center gore: Wires touch each other
  • Straps: 18mm
  • 4 rows of hooks

The Band, measuring 59cm, is very long, so I have to close the Amaretto on the last hook to get a good support.

The outside fabric is lace, but nevertheless it can't be seen through a T-Shirt. The bra is lined with cotton, the rest is made from 89% Polyamide and 11% Elasthane, which provides a very nice feeling.

The straps are nice to adjust: They don't readjust themselves, but you don't have to pull very hard to adjust them longer or shorter. They are adjustable over half the length of the straps.

The Amaretto provides a nice round shape, doesn't push too much or too less and fits nicely under deeper necklines


And some words on behalf of the panties:

Amaretto Pants
Amaretto Pants

The panties are so wonderful soft, I would love to wrap my whole self in it. Part of the panties on the front are made of lace too, the rest is made from 89% Polyamide and 11% Elasthan, very soft and silky. I'm very happy with the size (M, my usual size) too.

Amaretto Pants
Amaretto Pants


I'm a 60-65 D-DD normally. For a good support I have to close the Amaretto in 60DD on the tightest hook, but then it supports and forms very good!

The Design of the set really has enchanted me, I like the colours and the fabrics, the bow and the bead in this great shade of red too!

And now I've been thinking about white and creamy and ivory fabrics and red bows so much, that I'm really craving a "Hot Love" (Austrian ice cream dessert, vanilly ice cream with hot raspberries)!

Your Ännchen.