OH MY GOD NIPPLE or talking about the weather

It's been a while since I last ranted about sth, so please take a seat, get a nice glass of a chilled drink of your choice and I'd love to have a discussion with you!

Here in Austria we've got a hot summer. A very hot summer. The hottest summer in history, and this weekend there will be new record highs. At the moment (it's 5pm) it's 37°C outside and whilst I'm writing this I'm sitting in a garden chair in the shadow of some trees in a garden.
The temperatures were rising and rising, and this heatwaves is really taking tolls (there already are deaths reported due to the heat and the fatal incidents whilst swimming are increasing).
A lot of people (including me) try to spend some time at the nearby lakes, trying to cool down in the (very warm) water. Or spending time outside, walking through some alleys, having ice cream with friends.
And when you go out in the evening it's still hot.
It's hot when you wake up, it's hot when you go to bed, it's hot during the night.

So, why am I talking about the weather?
Because with this hot weather comes a whole bunch of (clothing) problems you face as a woman*.
Because somehow the rules for men* and women* are VERY different and I am just SICK OF IT.

it's HOT. at the moment I'm sitting in the garden in a pair of swimknickers, and that's it. I don't care about going topless in my own garden, even if there are neighbours who MIGHT see me.
a) if they don't like it, just don't look
b) if I were a boy, nobody would even look twice.

But somehow, because I'm considered female society wants me to wear more clothes than men do.

Same goes for everyday wear. Boys can wear shorts and some muscle shirts.
I wear shorts and muscle shirts and often get dirty looks - because I'm supposed to wear a bra. Preferrably a bra that's lined so noone can see my nipples. And preferrably a bra that's invisible under clothing, because whilst I HAVE TO wear a bra noone should SEE that I wear a bra because... because NO IDEA WHY.  But it seems that I should hide every ounce of breast and boob and bra. Because I'm a girl. Let's just remember. I'm a very smallbusted girl. Most of the time, my boobs don't hurt when going braless. Wearing bras in this weather is INSANELY hot, cause it's an additional tight set of clothing. So, if I wear a bra in this heat when I'm going grocery shopping, fetching some ice cream or whatever it's literally uncomfortable - but well, again - SOMEONE might see nipples through my shirt!

And god beware, I mean, who would want to see that? That would be proof that I'm... well, WHAT exactly does it proove? That I'm female? nope. Pretty much ALL people have nipples, fyi. Hm. So, WHY are people so damn uncomfortable by the sight of a woman's breasts? EVERYONE has them at some point in there life. The human nipple consists of the nipple itself and the areola and comes in a lot of sizes and shapes.


By Bebop7 (Own work) [via Wikimedia Commons
By yasemehaolvidado (originally posted to Flickr as _MG_1115) [via Wikimedia Commons

So, just to be clear. One of these pictures is deemed "indecent" in public, or, to be more specific: even a HINT that these nipple exist can be seen as "wrong".

Hmm. So. let's get to the point again.

men* have nipples. women* have nipples. they can be erogenous zones for all sexes. Both were originally designed to provide nutrition for a baby (which is, btw, SO COOL and the reason that breastfeeding is probematic in public in a lot of countries is a topic for another rant). Pretty natural, huh? But somehow, if my nipples can be seen through my shirt, it's "wrong". Even if my nipples are the one that could one time breastfeed a child, but male nipples can't - they are more or less here for "deco" and "arousal" - so, it's totally logic to ban the natural nipples, right? because, female nipples are sex objects and male aren't? DO YOU SEE WHERE I'M GOING? this just doesn't make ANY sense.


There was a huge uproar about a song Amanda Palmer (Amanda Fucking Palmer, performance artist and awesome person. I respect her. a lot.) wrote in response to an article in the Daily Mail.
It's about a "wardrobe malfunction" (blargh), a "nipplegate" and the complete idiocy of society indoctrinating on women what to wear. Please check the song and the blog article out!

It's my birthday soon and I went out with some friends yesterday evening, so I got to wear a new shirt I made. (edit: Like the shirt? MAKE ONE YOURSELF!) I printed a shirt with some lines from the "Dear Daily Mail" Song, accessorized it with  jeans shorts, an attitude and a lot of glitter.

And of course, NO bra. I'm not here to make you feel comfortable and safe in your patriarchic system. So you have to deal with ME, thighs touching, acne, glitter - and yes, nipples. Because, who knew! I have got two of those.

blah blah blah feminist blah blah blah gender shit blah blah blah


I'm tired of the double standards in dressing. And this is just a tiny tiny example, it's just one I have to think about a lot atm. Because, well, it's not going to be any cooler the next few days.

If I want to go to the beach topless, I want to be able to do that. I just don't understand the problem. It's MY choice, I have to be responsible for my suncare ;) and it's not hurting anyone. Why are we even talking about this?
If I want to not wear a bra this summer (which I btw totally am, this heat is just insane) then I'm very sorry (except no I'm not) but you will have to suffer from getting a glimpse of a nipple through my shirt. Does it hurt you? no. Does this mean I want to hump you? NO. Does this mean I'm open for any uninvited and non consensual coming on to me? NO.

It just means one thing: Today I choose to not wear a bra.

And I'm not obliged to even tell you reasons.


nice in the sense of awesome, thank you for posting this, thank you for being you, thinking like you do and having this blog. I love you (and your nipples ;) you look GORGEOUS by the way and I LOVE your shirt). It should really be considered normal and natural to wear whatever we want, or not wear for that matter. a man in a muscle shirt is cool. a woman in a tight top (with our without bra) is considered slutty.. helloooo? I never really got that.. and above all I loved your thought on why actually the female nipples were condemned not to be seen when they have a natural important function apart from arousal, and men's don't.. huh.. I mean apart from body idols and all that, which makes going out topless (or in bikini) difficult, that distinction is really weird and sad. Above all, when it's really hot and you just basically can't wear anything.. Apart from that, I sometimes feel that (having rather big boobs) that not wearing a bra (under my clothes) seems slobby and like I can't take care of myself and not wearing a bra or "at least" a tight bikini bra (and nothing on top) seems like I lose status, or like I don't seem that lovely anymore to others. Like, women who coincide with the beauty standards, having rather small (and/or tight) boobs can wear shorts and a bikini top and are respected (and looked at, sure), but moving/hanging boobs and some fat around the belly and hips or wherever can't be shown, because, I mean.. could you please put something on.. you know, you can cover that all up and it seems perfect.. huh.... I mean, I really really loved my first bra fitting experience and I adore my bras that hug my breasts and support them perfectly, and it does look different and is more comfortable (for me) than not wearing a bra, but should I decide one day (because of my mood or sensitive breasts or whatever) to not wear a bra, why can't I do that... And by the way, I have nipples that only show when I'm cold or aroused ;) which is another topic.. some women's nipples indicate arousal, maybe that's why people don't want to see them. (which is against-nature and stupid btw, and what about men in tight trousers....) They don't JUST indicate arousal fyi and I also don't understand why it is ok to laugh and say "oh look, I think someone's feeling "cold"" looking at my nipples (not all bras cover up nipples, I personally never cared to check the nipple-cover factor of a new bra anyway, but I hardly could, because I can't make the nipples stand out on command before buying the bra ;)) So hey.. let's go out there however WE WANT :) and feel gorgeous because that's how we are. The body is a present and a temple and we have it to feel good in it and to care about it, not to make it sweat and suffer under clothes we don't feel comfortable in. Hugs and kisses

ahhhh yes yes to everything.
Thanks for the add about arousal, that's totally a thing for another post. AND MEN'S NIPPLES DO THAT TOO BTW SOCIETY AHH.
I love your comparison about how you love wearing a nice bra but also love going braless. so.true.
hhh <3

Oh, god, this article is SO, SO RIGHT. Even here in Brazil -a country where, in certain states like mine, gets VERY hot during summer and still hot during the winter-, if you don't wear a bra you get terrible looks. And topless is prohibited on the beaches as well because it's a crime -a fucking crime- to show your breasts. And the way w are constantly judged because of the size of our shorts, of our cleavages... like we are some kind of threat! I am so tired of this, and it's great to see someone expressing it. Thank you!

By the way, SUPER cool shirt. I love AFP and got super angry at the fact that I was in London but couldn't attend to the show where she presented the Daily Mail song. Anyway, great shirt, great attitude, great nipples.

Thank you! Wow I can't even imagine living in Brazil and having to wear a bra.
And haha, yes, the threat of the tits. I mean, everyone knows they eat people, right?....

The looks and comments are even worse if you are generously busted and plus sized !Its so hot!

since I'm not fullbusted I can't judge that ;)
And yes it's hoooot.

If... If I could hug you for writing this article, I would. Seriously. As someone who is large busted I would LOVE to go topless without getting dirty looks from people (or disgusting cat calls from boys who only think with their penises) because, honestly? It's too damn hot in Alabama right now. 100+ degrees Fahrenheit and 80+ percent humidity? I don't want to wear a bra! It just gets nastier quicker because of all of my underboob and cleavage sweat!

By the way. where can I get a shirt like the one you're wearing in those photos? Because I want one.

Thank you!
I made the shirt myself and I'll be uploading a tutorial the next few days. It's really easy to make yourself!

This is amazing and frankly an issue that im tired of
I never wear bras because the idea behind them is that womens breasts are somehow innapropriate but mens arent
thats the stupidest shit ive ever heard
I personally enjoy licking my mans nipples but men dont have to hide theirs and we do even tho their nipples are just as sexual as ours
Noone says gasp! i can see your nipples! better put that shit away! to men and womens nipples actually serve a purpose but ppl act like breastfeeding is obscene for some dumbass reason... When its one of the most beautiful things on earth.

yes! the breastfeeding thing is just... I don't get it. Thankfully it's not that much of an issue here in Austria, it's pretty much seen as normal :)

Haha, I LOVE wearing pretty bras - but not every day. Just when I WANT TO and not when society tells me to.

Wonderful article, I haven't worn a bra yet this summer and it feels AWESOME. Don't need one - don't use one! Boobs aren't dangerous. Let the Boobs free!

will upload a Tutorial how to make that shirt soon!

Well, I love wearing bras even if I not necessary need one all the time - but I just want to make this MY decision.

Thank you so much for this article. I have the same bubs you have and I don't wear a bra since I had my first for christmas, at age 12, and felt like hell because I prefered, of course, a hotwells car, as my brother had, rather than a fucking bra.
My back aches when bras are on me. My bubs never fit one, as they are too small (I'm so happy about it=).. so no bras for me. In summer, now winter in Argentina, I get all kind of dirty looks and insults (here goes even into insults like: you bitch, cover yourself!).
I keep on shouting around: you fuking wild animal, please use your brain! but nonesense. Insults come from men and from women, both "social genders" work togheter in the hard work of covering my nipples. Please check, if ever you have a small idea of Spanish, Liliana Felipe. Great piece of mind that this world needs.
I would hug you so hard, all of you, just to feel ideas close ;)
And, of course, I love your T-shirt.. I may make one myself, can I??
Loove! and FREE NIPPLES!

wow, these insults are harsh!
I will check out Liliana Felipe thank you, my spanish is more or less not existing but my Sis is fluent in Spanish I'll ask her to help me!

*hugs you back*

I'll upload a tutorial and instructions for the t-shirt next week - of COURSE you can make one yourself!

"So, WHY are people so damn uncomfortable by the sight of a woman's breasts?"

Sorry, I can't confirm that. Of course it is because I am male, and I fucking LOVE boobs. Erm - female boobs. (But even this constraint wouldn't let me shout words of insults towards an obese male or one with a body malfunction causing breasts.) And I really can't remember ANY scene in my life where *anyone* (as private person) had complaint on woman's breasts visible through any clothes or on poking nipples. Is it because I'm living in Berlin? I hope not.
I love summer because female clothes are shrinking and getting less opaque. I feel as a common het.sex male and I would bet all my money that any male demanding a more tight cloth status on women is an ugly hypocrite bastard and I bet when he's home again he will open websites with pictures of naked women in public. Concerning women doing the same dumb shit: I don't know. I could let my kitchen psychology speak, but I rather keep quiet on things I don't understand.

To the (heterosexual) males: please shut up and enjoy the breasts and nipples as long as you can see them. It is a gift. Enjoy and SHUT UP. Because if you don't, the girls will cover as well before me. And I will hate YOU for that.
To the females: breasts are parts of your bodies. There is nothing wrong about it. And males love them. Trust me. If you feel uncomfortable with your body, then hide whatever you think you have to hide, but don't force other females to adapt your questionable mental state.

by the way: really cool shirt, denocte.

Aaaaaand yet another postscript: when I say "I like boobs" and "I like nipples" I definitely NOT say "I get aroused by seeing them". I like long hair as well. In the same way. I would like to be understood exactly in this case. Just to point it out.

denocte wrote: "That would be proof that I'm... well, WHAT exactly does it proove?"

I normally do not like to quote the Bloodhound Gang but they just sum it up somehow here ;)
"You and me baby are nothing but mammals"
That's basically all that our nipples say - we belong to the extraordinary successful order of mammals, who are able to feed their newborn by producing milk. That's it.

Hey, that's a great text. You're so right. I often conveniently forget a bra when it's hot, even when my boobs aren't really small. After some time people just got used to it, even in the office. "Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt sich's gänzlich ungeniert".

I have read this article not only once or twice, but at least twelve times since you posted it.
I often don't feel like wearing a bra, sometimes I ignore it and do, and sometimes I just don't want to "obey" and don't wear it (even if I love mine!).

Lately, I went braless to a celebration at my former workplace. A lot of former colleagues were there, and as the evening went further, a colleague slightly older than me and known for his loose mouth asked me (literally): "Hey, ist dir nur kalt, oder bist du schon den ganzen Abend sharp?" ("Hey, are you freezing or have you been horny/randy/toey the whole evening?"

And why did he ask that? Because he could see my pointy nipples. He could see the pointiness I'm so in love with, and I'm so proud of. Because of my nipple piercings, for the first time in my life, you can see pointy nipples through my shirts (and the teeny-tiny round ends of the piercing). Before I had them pierced, you could have only glimpsed a roundish, slightly convex concavity there - nothing that would have bothered others, I guess, but it had bothered me.

What hadn't bothered me was his question - but it lead me to thinking again, and in conclusion, to one big discovery: Why on earth do display dummies (Schaufensterpuppen) alway sport HUGE and VERY pointy nipples (obviously, someone must have made their nipples so big in order to show through absolutely EVERY piece of clothe you put those dummies on), while on "real" women this seems to be scandalous and condemnable?

I like going braless, and I like going topless. When in Year 2000, for a very short time fashion people tried to establish going topless in public (for fashion reasons, of course), I hoped they would succeed and it would become a trend. I'd like to go topless in the city.

I'll just keep on omitting bras when I feel like it, and hell yeah, I'll go sunbathing topless in summer!


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