New Tabasco Plunge bra


New Plunge Bra by Only Her

The Tabasco Plunge Bra is the third bra by polish new brand Only Her, I already reviewed the first two bras Latte and Espresso in german on this blog and in english on bratabase.

Tabasco by OnlyHer

Similar to its predecessors the Tabasco is perfect for smaller and medium breasts. It provides an amazing uplift and support, the shape is very similar to the Classic Freya Deco Plunge bra.
But since the Tabasco isn't moulded but actually very thinly padded and has one vertical seam it's not stiff at all and really "hugs" your breasts ;)


Tabasco Plunge by Onlyher, 30/65D

Model: Plunge, one vertical seam
Bandlength: 60cm
Bandlength stretched: 71cm
Length of wire: 20cm
Width of wire measured in a horizontal line from the center gore: 12,5cm
width of wire from end to end: 13,5cm
Center gore: very narrow, wires touch each other

Straps can only be shortened a tiny bit!

It's a great bra for smaller and medium breasts and a lovely design! I especially love the shade of red, it's a really warm bright red.

Sizing help: I'm wearing 30D in most styles, and I'm wearing 30D in all three Only Her bras too. But I have to close the Tabasco with the hooks in the middle, to have best support, so if you are between sizes you should choose the smaller bandsize!


There are some things I would change though:

I really need long straps, but with this bra I have to shorten them nearly all the way. They are really long and can only be shortened a bit, since they aren't adjustable all the way, only in the back.
If you need short straps, prepare yourself that you may need to shorten them.
But I tell you: if the bra otherwise fits nearly as good as mine does, it's totally worth it.

The beautiful lace reaches up to the straps, if you're wearing a top with thin straps maybe the lace could show.

Sizing Range

28/60C-FF, 30/65B-F, 32/70B-E, 34/75B-DD

The panties are adorable, but I think they run really small. I know I'm pear shaped, but average sized, and I'm glad that the L size is big enough for me.
It's a pity that they don't have XL panties, because I'm sure many girls would need them.
The pants measure 86cm around their waistline but they are rather low cut.

Tabasco Pants
Tabasco Pants by OnlyHer

You can buy Onlyher Bras at their store (german website) or their store (polish website).
If your size isn't available in one of the shops, check the other store ;)

xoxo denocte