my internet hates me and OMG BRAS

just a quick psa:
My internet hates me. yes. we have some problems to work through. As in, buy a new router and only be able to go online via mobile phone or when I am at friends' places. This leads to me not being able to blog about
ALL THE AWESOME STUFF that happened, and ye be warned, it was a lot!

What will happen here? I'll talk about:

  1. how suddenly all my bras don't fit anymore: I started doing a bit more sports and my body changed a bit, really not much, just a bit. and NOTHING fits anymore.
  2. this lead to me trying on ALL THE BRALETTES because I hate wires atm.
  3. which lead to me being frustrated because I couldn't find nice ones.
  4. but then two lovely people and a lot of luck came to my rescue:
    First, Manuela, who recently opened a new brick and mortar store for OnlyHer in Berlin and is selling fitted bras in a big sizing range gifted me two gently used bras in size 32C. I LOVE them, because this works best for me atm.
    Second, Mamsell Chaos from ParaNoire Design offered me a sample of her new bralette set to review. I got it on Monday and it's such a beautiful thing, and so comfy! so much in love.I was so excited about receiving the bralette set that I tried something new and did a short unboxing video and uploaded it on youtube - Have fun watching me squee and giggle about the beauty!
    Third: I won the 50gbp voucher from Esty Lingerie! Ahhhh!

So, I have a LOT to talk about, and not being able to surf and research on a stable internet connection makes things harder. But stay tuned, I hope I'll be able to post at the weekend!

xoxo denocte