Lingerie in Sicht!

Happy new year, my dearest readers!

I hope you spent a wonderful christmas time without any major chaos or tragedy and can now start the new year happy!
I mentioned in my last post that atm I'm very active on Tumblr and Twitter and busy informing myself about new stuff in the bra world and the real world. But of course this blog is still up and running!
So, what's on the dash?

Reviews, Reviews!

In the end of 2012 I bought a gorgeous bra set at the Sample Sale of wonderful Karolina Laskowska, which is still waiting to be reviewed (and worn, tbh!).
Some of you may know, this set already has a journey around the world on it's back! Posted and labeled correctly in the UK it first got lost... to Australia! After a couple of horrible weeks (!!) and nearly lost hope one day in December I could rejoice: It finally got around and landed in my post box. Yay!

Wow, what a chaos!

Then I just bought a bra by Playful Promises and stockings by What Katie Did in the Playful Promises Sale, they should be delivered next week.

Wow, so much luxury!

And I'm still owing you a review of the wonderful Who Made Your Pants? lace knickers. Oh lord, I realise I have to blog a LOT more again!

xoxo denocte