I'm Back! and #refugeeswelcome

First of all: YAY! I'm back!

I've been on an unplanned hiatus for a while, due to:

  • life (living an openly poly relationship means a lot of talking to relatives about "but how does that work"),
  • work (we don't have enough people so that means I'm doing a bit more nightshifts than I planned to) and
  • politics.

By politics I mean, the catastrophe that is Europe's failure to deal with refugees, mainly atm Syrian refugees. 
edit 14.09. - Germany (see BBC reports) and Austria closed the borders. Bavarian Minister Seehofer (see BBC reports) explains it's partly due to the soon starting Oktoberfest, which led to the twitter hasthag #oktoberfestung - a mix of the Oktoberfest and german word festung which means fortress.
Many see the closing of the borders as a failure of the European Union. /edit

edit 15.09. - and what this means for asylum seekers that may loose right to asylum under the new orders via the guardian. /edit

I know that by now that also reached international media, so if anyone of you has questions or even better wants to help: this indiegogo is made by friends, I know them personally, they made this especially for people wanting to donate even small amounts of money but can't come to Vienna in person. I know this is a lingerie blog, but this is HUGE. I need to adress stuff like this. I won't apologize.

BUT, this will be the only post about this on the blog, I will update it though - if you are interested in this or want to help please just follow me on twitter I'm @denocte, I a) post a lot about it and b) can direct you to the right people that tweet about the stuff that's happening atm.

Please get informed about what's happening: For now I just want to give a quick overview, the situation changes every few hours, so it's hard to give you some hard links. or even hashtags that won't be trolled in a few days. 

This is a great short video coverage about the journey of regugees to Europe, where they actually talk WITH REFUGEES not about them only - in English by Austrian TV puls4;

The NYTimes have a reporter's notebook in English.

To get informed I recommend checking twitter and facebook pages of refugee help organisations as they often have the fastest info


#nickelsdorf - the border village of Austria, where thousands of refugees arrive daily from Hungary
#röszke or #roeszke or #roszke - one of the detainment camps in Hungary where they put refugees
#trainofhope - stuff about bringing refugees from the border of Austria/Hungary to Germany or wherever they need to go, organising food, places to sleep, translators, medical help at the different train stations 
#carofhope - how to help by giving refugees a lift
#marchofhope - follow the different marchs of the refugees escaped from detainment camps, trying to reach Austria by foot
#refugeeconvoy - planned convoys of private cars and buses to get refugees out of Hungary
#traiskirchen - the refugee camp in Austria that is drastically filled with too many refugees and violates human rights
#oktoberfestung - started after German border closing on 13th Sept.

mostly German:

@HBF_vie Self-organised group, taking care of the refugees at Vienna main train station 
@migrationAidHu - tweeting from hungary
@rosaantifawien - tweeting about the whole debacle 
@nofrontexvienna - dito
#WelcomeNaseeb - Naseeb tweets his journey of three weeks ago in Realtime.


@WienTV - mostly Vienna based, tweeting in English
@balazscseko Freelance Journalist, tweeting from Hungary, in ENGLISH, german, hungarian
@pascoda - tweeting translations of important tweets 

On www.refugees.at you can have an overview about what's needed in Austrian hotspots on this website with twitter live feeds of the different cities.

refugeeswelcomepad.wordpress.com this is an ongoing project and gives a lot of links and info, it's basically the go-to site for a lot of stuff. e.g. for how to get legal advice and counceling, in various languages including English, French, German, Arabic and Farsi. Includes phrasebooks for health etc.

It also has got a list about Organisations helping refugees, mostly Germany based.

You want to help the Refugees trying to get away from Hungary but aren't near enough for hands-on help?

If you got some money to spare, consider donating to this indiegogo campain: Get Refugees to Germany. You can donate even small amounts of money which will go directly to buying train tickets for the refugees. I know the people behind this. It's the real thing.

so, this is all stuff about Austria and Germany, because that's where my focus is directed at the moment because well, i live here, this is where I get most my information from. This doesn't mean that there isn't still the huge problem of refugee boats crossing the mediterranean Sea where a lot of refugees don't live to tell the tale. Because politics want "secure borders" not alive humans.

My plea is: PLEASE, if you want to get involved, if you want to help: Search where you can help in your country. See whether you can donate clothes, money, expertise. And speak up against the rightwingers and Nazis trying to get the refugees to please just die somewhere else where we don't see them. And get informed what the refugees near you NEED, don't just make decisions for them. Fight.

We can do something. We need to do something. Take care of yourselves,