Ich bin ein U-Boot. Boobs-bot?

Hei sweethearts, I'm really sorry that there's not much going on here on the blog!

My college is keeping me busy (which I like!) plus Winter is Coming (who else is Game of Thrones addicted??) and my motivation to Blog is sometimes a bit... non existent.


You can all come visit me on many social network sites, where I'm posting stuff I like, what's not "big enough" for a full article on my main blog and stuff that's cute, important or just fun.

For example you can currently see the first bra I ever made, I found it in my drawer this morning ;)

Polka Dot bra
Polka Dot bra by denocte

I'd be excited if you come visit!

mail: denocte@kurvendiskussionen.at
Twitter: @denocte
Tumblr: tumblr.kurvendiskussionen.at
Facebook: facebook.com/Kurvendiskussionen
Google Plus: Kurvendiskussionen
Bratabase: Bratabase

See you there and I promise to write more soon,

xoxo denocte