HULK SMASH - Hulk inspired Lingerie

I only recently found the awesome lingerie blog and I'm already a BIG FAN.
She put up some awesome lingerie compilations, about lingerie Black Widow Style, Lingerie that could be worn in the Capitol of Panem, Lingerie of Mystique of X-Men.

When someone on twitter asked: "And where is Hulk inspired lingerie?" I could only answer: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! And asked Scarlet whether she was ok with me giving it a try!

She said yes, so, here's my go.

The incredible Hulk and Bruce Banner dress a bit differently. And of course, this is a very gender not necessarily defined Hulk.

What would Bruce Banner wear?
Ze is well put together, but maybe a little odd. The good kind of odd. Like Mark Ruffalo in the Avengers, I really liked that portrayal of Bruce Banner.

I think Bruce would wear a bit flirty undies. Like these gorgeous silk knickers by Ayten Gasson (made in the UK): Sophia, currently on Sale in S and L for 10GBP only

Plum Margarita Knicker
Plum Margarita Knicker by Ayten Gasson

Paired with a simple well fitting white bra like the Cleo by Panache Lucy in white. Currently available at Brastop for 25 GBP (28-38 D-H)

Lucy in White
Lucy in White by Cleo by Panache

Or the Cleo by Panache Juna in ivory, available at Brastop for 23GBP (28-38 D-H)

Juna in ivory
Juna in ivory by Cleo by Panache

What would Hulk wear?

To be able to move and smash and be incredible, you need a bit more support methinks.

I'd recommend zer nice fitting knickers from WhoMadeYourPants? in "Green Goddess" for 18GBP (fair and ethical btw).

Aimee - Green Goddess
Aimee - Green Goddess by Who Made Your Pants?

That gives you the basic fit you need for destroying stuff. Patriarchy or whatever.

Same goes for the upper body: You MIGHT grow when turning into hulk. So maybe choose a bra that's already got a torn look? Like this BodyRock Sport Sports Bra?

Sports Bra
Sports Bra by Bodyrock

And just in case the transformation isn't finished yet: Just wear these gloves. Sold on Amazon for starting at $149.99. They even do smash sounds and stuff.

Hulk Smash Hands
Hulk Smash Hands