H&M - Strapless

Today I didn't really trust my eyes, I nearly bought a strapless bra at H&M (!!!)
I found this a bit weird looking leopard print strapless bra hanging all alone in the shelf. And just for a laugh I tried on two sizes with a friend.

Leo Strapless
Leo Strapless by H & M

We were baffled, because not only did the print look great on me, it also fit!
I'm atm between sizes, 30D and 30C, and tried on 34A and 34B which were the smallest bands available.

The A cup bras have got push up cushions in it that aren't removable, they really just squeeze the boobs :(

But the 34B was a really nice fit on me. It was nearly tight enough (although I normally wear 30 bands!) and had silicone straps inside the band for a nice firm fit. The wires were wide enough for me and didn't dig in.

I'm still overwhelmed!
I think I'll go back there this week and buy it, I don't own a good strapless bra (being a bra blogger that can't be accepted ;) ) and I really like it.

If you have small or medium breasts like me this might be a low budget option for you too.

In Austria this bra is available in 34-36 A-D and 38 B/C.
Just check with your H&M website if the bra is sold in your country too.

It's also available in white with black dots and apricot.

I saw black and white basic strapless bras which were a very similar style, but I didn't try them on today.

xoxo denocte