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Dear non-german speaking Readers,

I'm getting a lot of traffic from countries like the UK or the US.
Since I often only write and do not post a lot of pictures in my ramblings, I hardly believe your stay here is a very nice one - although the online translators do a very nice job most of the time.

I stumbled upon this finnish blog last week, Bra nightmares, she does the blog in finnish but adds a (shorter) english translation at the end of each article.

Would you be interested in me adding a similar concept to my blog from now on?
This blog started out as a way to help (especially) Austrian girls to find bras, but it got kind of bigger as I thought it would in the beginning.

So, it would be really nice if you could let me know if you are interested in a english version of this blog!

Just drop a comment to this post here,
mail me (denocte@kurvendiskussionen.at)
or tweet me ( @denocte ).

xoxo denocte


Thanks for linking my blog! :-) I'd be very happy if you'd make a short English translation, too! My Finnish section is mainly focused in finding the right bra size as there really are no Finnish bra blogs. So in Finnish there's a lot of the basic stuff.

In the English section I don't usually write a lot about bra fitting basics as there are so many great English bra blogs already. So, my aim in the different languages is a bit different and that's why the English sections are shorter. Also it's a lot easier when I don't have to translate the whole post. I do recommend this method! :-)

Hey, not sure in which language to answer! I'm a French speaker and a translator. I read German/Austrian blogs because I'm much more familiar with the French and British markets and terminology, so that's a fun way to learn more about the intimate apparel industry in German speaking countries. A little blurb in English would be neat to get an idea about the post before reading it.

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