Doppel D - neuer Fixpunkt in Berlin

Jenny Trettin, owner of
Jenny Trettin, owner of "Doppel D"

Hei Darlings, those who read my Tumblr Blog (btw, sign up for my Tumblr! A lot of nice Lingerie Pics. And stuff. ;) ) know, that I've been on holidays the last few days, besides other cities I've stayed in Berlin too for a few days. Berlin, yay! Of course I was walking through the city with eyes wide open for you, looking for all the best bra-delicacies.

My personal highlight: The new Brafitting and Lingerie Store "Doppel D" (DD, double D).

You can read soon what else I saw in Berlin in another article!


A friend and me set out to the store, it was raining cats and dogs (really, Germany, don't you have summer now?). At Doppel D the lively Jenny gives us a warm welcome:

"Hi, I'm busy with customers at the moment but please just take a seat, have some coffee and take a look!"

Because the weather really didn't like us. So, completely soaked through, we enjoyed a Nespresso and cooled down a bit and then just took in the first impressions of the store.

Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin

High Praise! Very open and not at all stuffed Doppel D presents their Lingerie on the walls:

Freya, Panache, Masquerade, Cleo, some Elomi styles, Fantasie, Fauve...
Starting with T-Shirt bras you can find everything up to nicer Lingerie (e.g. Masquerade Delphi Basque).

Their sizing range covers 30-38 D-H (UK sizing), bigger sizes can be ordered.


The store is very bright and friendly with just a touch of luxury - a sparkling chandelier, nice big red chairs, beautiful pictures on the wall (you can see them on the Website, with a lot more pictures, videos and information on the store - it's really worth a look!). And the deco in the window holds some real sunflowers. aww!

Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin

In one corner is a nice white cupboard bearing some of the freya Boxes, next to it a little desk and chair - with a sewing machine on top. Jenny does smaller alterations right in store - asap and free of charge.

Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin

And soon Jenny was with us and together I tried on a lot.
Since my bra size is currently fluctuating (*sigh* I'm getting smaller!) we just grabbed the 30Ds and hoped for the best.

With an armload of Masquerades (Rhea, Hestia) and Panaches (Sienna)Jenny showed me to the changing room. Or the changing lounge. Changing rooms are often small, uncomfortable cabins with cruel mirrors depicting every single pimple and fat roll. No, here we find two big changing rooms with red fluffy carpet floor, a bench and a really big mirror.

So, first get out of my shoes (ahhh) and pull closed the nice heavy curtain.

Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin

Then I tried on Rhea. Rhea, oh Rhea! Starcrossed Lovers. She's just too big :(
Jenny asked every time before entering the room and then provided nice support for a good fit. Adjusting the straps, testing the band and wires, perfect!

Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin

I tried on a lot of bras: Love at first sight with Hestia, a wonderful fit - there will be a detailled review ;) - Sienna was a catastrophe and unfortunately I can't recommend the Delphi Basque either.

But I was very happy with the fit of the padded Freya Halfcups! I nearly but one of those.
And we had a good laugh when I tried on the Panache Porcelain. Ehm. Yeah. No. Horrible.

Really nice is the Panache Sports Bra, I never tried this one myself. Very comfy, super pretty and nice support. And provides neither a flat One-Breast nor a pointed breastform.
The Freya Sports Bra was very nice too, good support but just not as pretty as the Panache Sports or some of the Shock Absorber Tops ;)

Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin

Jenny and me started talking a bit (maybe I mentioned being just a tad addicted to Lingerie ;) ) and she told me a bit more about the shop.
You can really see that she has put her heart and soul in this shop. The furniture, the interior, how she talks to her customers - really perfect. She tries very hard to help each customer and even uses yarn and needle herself:

"Well, if a customer has a perfectly fitting bra cupwise and just needs it a bit tighter - that would be stupid to send her home!"

So the bra is just shortened right there on the spot. The Customer can wait for it while sitting in the nice chairs and read some magazines or just browse through the store.
This service really deserves an A+!
Even if the customer already owns nearly fitting bras Jenny is happy to do some smaller alterations.
This sewing service is used a lot since Doppel D doesn't yet offer 28 bands.

I thought it was very sweet that next to the usually provided magazines (InStyle, Cosmo...) there were some sports magazines and stuff "for the male shopping companion".

Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin

So in the end I left the store with a perfectly fitting Hestia set in black. I'm really so happy, because the Hestia isn't produced anymore - but it's sooo great!
After a warm good bye my friend and me took up our tour through Berlin, promising that I'll soon be back...
Just two days later I was back again in the store. I bought another pantie. Yes. And I will definitely stop by Jenny's on my next trip to Berlin!

xoxo Denocte

Doppel D - Berlin
Doppel D - Berlin

Jenny daring a peek ;) Thanks for your Time!


Doppel D - schön viel

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Sa: 10 - 18:00

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