Does My Bra Fit?

Just a quick PSA: How a bra should fit!

  • The bra should never hurt you. Even if the sales person tells you „but it fits so well!“ - if it hurts, it doesn't fit.
  • The wires enclose the breast and don't lay on the breast tissue.
  • The band should be snug and not ride up in the back. To provide support, it should be comfortably (!) snug.
  • A new bra should always be closed on the widest hook: So you can still wear it on tighter hooks when the materials wear out with time.
  • The straps are not responsible to hold your breasts, they should only be an additional support to the band, which supports your bust.
  • The center gore should lay flat in between your breasts.

Every woman* is unique, and every body has different issues. There is no one true strategy to finding the perfect bra. No one can tell how a bra feels for you but you.

xoxo denocte